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Thanks William.  Very timely and useful.




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Hi all,


I remember attending the various ABF forums and hearing about a "way to 
download the list of registered clinics". It turns out the latter is ... *drum 
roll* a formatted report! Huzzah!


If, like me, you were hoping to download a big list to cross-check with your 
clinic master, and really wanted a CSV containing Clinic ID, Tier 2 class, etc, 
you may be interested in the attached XSLT that converts the report to usable 


I say usable CSV because the Export to CSV available via HealthCollect returns 
a CSV that Excel won't open without using another program to convert it to 
ANSI, and even then it has lots of padding and spaces in places it should, 
presumably due to the formatting of the original report. Plus the column 
headings are useful things like "textbox32".



To use the XSLT attached, you will need to:

*       Make a new directory somewhere, e.g. C:\CHAI-T
*       Download msxsl.exe from 
http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=21714 and save it in 
your new directory.
*       Save the attachment non-admitted-clinics-to-csv.xsl in your new 
*       Log in to HealthCollect, browse to Reports -> AIMS -> Non-Admitted 
Clinics and choose the Non-admitted Clinic Summary report
*       Run the report for whatever parameters you like, then export the 
report, choosing XML file with report data as the format. Save it as 
Non-admitted Clinic Summary.xml
*       Go to Start -> Run and run cmd.exe
*       Type cd C:\CHAI-T (or whatever you are using) and press Enter.
*       Type msxsl "Non-admitted Clinic Summary.xml" 
"non-admitted-clinics-to-csv.xsl" -o "Non-admitted Clinic Summary.csv" and 
press Enter
*       You should now be able to open the Non-admitted Clinic Summary.csv in 
Excel and see meaningful column headings

You can also use the XSLT with SSIS's XML Task if you want to make a package 
out of it.


Kind regards,


William Rose

Business Intelligence Manager

Information Management


+61 3 9656 5231   |   Level 8, St Andrews Place, East Melbourne VIC 3002


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