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I agree that the group would be able to contribute a lot of value. Could I 
however suggest a 3:30 start?
Johan de Coning - Manager
Reporting Information and Analysis Unit (RIAU)
6 North, Royal Melbourne Hospital, Parkville 3050
Tel 03 93428333 – Fax: 03 93427839

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Like everyone else, I’m very keen on this group and think it has the potential 
to add a lot of value to all of us.
I’ll be there on the 20th any of the suggested times work for me.

I’m happy to talk about where we are up to (we are in the midst of implementing 
a DWH in SQL Server with QlikView as our main reporting tool) – but would think 
that might be more interesting once we’ve got a bit further along.  We too have 
three months to get all our key dashboards delivered.


Jenny Smith
General Manager, Strategy, Planning & Business Development
Mercy Health
Level 2, 12 Shelley Street

Email: jenny.smith@xxxxxxxxxxxx<mailto:jenny.smith@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Phone: (03) 8416 7744
Mobile: 0413 348 677

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Subject: [chai-t] April meeting plans

Hi all,

I hope this is getting to you all -- perhaps send a quick "I'm alive" email to 
the list so I can see you have been joined up correctly. I got a couple of 
out-of-office notifications after yesterday's email, so I'm hoping it's working.

Our next meeting is on April 20th. I've had some requests for an earlier 
timeslot: room-wise there's a choice of 1:30, 3:30 or 4:00 start on Friday 
20th. Perhaps let me know what time suits when you reply to the list.

The Data Governance Conference last week had some interesting topics come up 
that might be interesting to the group:

 *   Funnel plots and statistical process control charts to help separate 
normal variation from abnormal situations that require investigation.
 *   Suggestions of ways to better match patients than simple surname / given 
name / date of birth rules.
 *   Using data mining to help identify the key data items in a collection that 
influence a particular metric, and hence what is important to get right.
I haven't had anyone put their hand up yet to talk at the next session: I want 
to dob in Chris MacManus, because he's been given the unenviable task of 
getting some key dashboards delivered in three months, starting from zero, and 
I think it would be interesting to hear how it's going to happen (Chris Bain -- 
you might like to come with popcorn). Chris MacManus is on leave right now, 
though, so I might be stretching the friendship there.

Anthony -- perhaps you could spend some time expanding on possible initiatives 
that could go beyond just tips & tricks. I know my CFO is keen for me to find a 
way to manage the reconciliation of inter-hospital balances, and I'd suggested 
this could be done based on a pre-submission cross-check of the various 
agencies' F1 returns. This might be an easy project to try out some 
collaborative work on. I'm sure there are lots more, though, so perhaps you can 
lead a discussion around this?

If anyone has a good tool / technique for doing patient matching to the 
registry of births, deaths & marriages, or the Cancer Registry, I'm interested 
to hear about that too.

Any other takers?

Kind regards,

William Rose
Business Intelligence Manager
Information Management

+61 3 9656 5231   |   Level 8, St Andrews Place, East Melbourne VIC 3002

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