[chadfree] Re: Picking a UPS

  • From: "T. Hunt" <ilrover@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: chadfree@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 30 May 2004 10:20:17 -0400


If all you're going to do is run the system and the monitor, you can get 
by with a smaller unit.  Depending on your monitor, a 500VA UPS should 
be plenty adequate to keep things up for 5 minutes. (A 2500VA unit would 
be considered serious overkill.) I just bought an APC ES 500VA Battery 
Backup for $42US for an AMD XP2200+ system and a 17" monitor.  It comes 
with a USB interface that, in conjunction with APC's Powerchute 
software, will safely shut the machine down if the power fails or drops 
for more than a few moments.

I have had good experience with APC and would rate them the top in UPS 
protection.  They have a connected equipment warranty that is also very 
good and which they have, in my experience, always honored.

There are also Tripplite and Belkin but I have no direct experience with 
them, but hear they are considered good products.


-{ Rene Brehmer }- wrote:
> X-posted: AltCPU, CHAD, Chadfree
> ok ... so it's summer again ... and with summer comes brownouts ... this is
> a really old house, so it's hard to avoid ... not sure if it's the fuse box
> or the wiring that overheats ... but when it gets just a little warm, I
> start to have problems with brownouts ... barely noticeable to the eye (as
> in lights dimming) ... but big enough that the computer cuts out for a
> fraction of a second and restarts ... 
> last year I had it happening several times a day because we had a 3 month
> heatwave ... now I'm just sick of it, especially because I loose data
> everytime... 
> SOO ... I figure I gotta bite the sour apple and get a UPS ... but, how to
> choose? ... They're not exactly cheap ... and I don't need a whole lotta
> juice ... I only need it to run the machine itself ... which means a
> possible 480 W drain ... + 50% overload ...
> But I dunno how to read the UPS specs ... as I understand it, I need a 2500
> VA UPS for it to last 5 mins ... I don't need one that can keep the computer
> running on battery for eternity ... I just need one that can keep the
> machine up during the brownouts, and give enough power that the machine can
> do a proper shutdown in case of a longer outage ... but occasionally it
> takes several minutes for windows to offload the memory cache...
> Any advice please ... ? ... Also on brands and models... only one I know is
> APC ... and I think, Liebert ? ... can't remember the name ...
> I'm not a hardware person ... so I'm not all that much into all this
> stuff...
> Rene

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