[chadfree] Re: I finally found my article about moving to freelists :-)

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Heck...with all the filters on the ISPs now, if I sent a bcc mail to all of
my members who are set to "no mail", half of them would probably not receive
it (and bcc would be about the most automated way I could do it....send the
addresses to Excel, sort on the Subscribe Type column, pull those into
Outlook, and send them the mail all in one shot)

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Your saga reminds me of something we debated on one of the SpamCop groups

when you've got people on nomail ... once in a while (like every 6 months or
once a year), send them an email and remind them that they're still
subscribed to the list ... 

The Mercury list I'm on (which runs of Listserv on Alabama University) does
this. Also if you haven't posted anything for 3 months, it sends out a
friendly reminder that you're still subscribed, and how to unsub or change
settings if you want to ...

Although it means getting mail from a list they've asked not to get mail
from ... many people forget that they're subscribed to a list ... for one
reason or another ... it means that you'll 1. get those unsubbed that no
longer wants to be subscribed ... and 2. you can see if any of those old
moldy addresses bounce...and get them out of the system ... the more dead
addresses there is in a listserver, the slower it runs because it's got more
data to process....


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