[Census] Census 1.2b1 released - with NONMEM 7 support!

  • From: Justin Wilkins <justinwil@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: Census <census@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2011 11:35:42 +0100

Dear all,

Census 1.2 beta 1 has been released, introducing NONMEM 7 support! Import of problems including a single estimation method are now fully supported, and support for problems with multiple estimation steps will be completed soon. Census 1.2b1 can be downloaded from http://census.sourceforge.net/download.htm.

The other major new feature in this release is support for PsN-style tagging (as implemented in the runrecord utility - see http://psn.sourceforge.net/pdfdocs/runrecord_userguide.pdf for details).

This is a beta release of Census, and although it is stable and has been tested in a variety of environments, caution is recommended when interpreting its output. Please report any issues with importing runs - turnaround time for bug fixes has been greatly improved of late, but I need to know about bugs in order to fix them.

Census is a comprehensive project manager for NONMEM, providing detailed summary, comparison and overview of the runs comprising a given project, including the display of output data, post-run processing, and rapid diagnostic plots through tight integration with Xpose. While it runs only under Windows, it can read any NONMEM output to which Windows has access to via drive mapping, and should work seamlessly within virtual Windows machines running on other operating systems (Census running in Windows virtual machines in Parallels 6 and recent versions of VirtualBox has been reported to work well under MacOS 10.6).

Census is, and will remain, free software under the Mozilla Public License, version 1.1. Comments, criticisms, and suggestions are always welcome.

Best regards
Justin Wilkins

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