[Census] Census 1.1 released...

  • From: Justin Wilkins <justinwil@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: Census <census@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 04 Jan 2011 20:48:04 +0100

Dear all,

Census 1.1 has been released. This is a maintenance release, fixing all
known issues, including a startup crash that affected some users, and
setting the stage for the introduction of NONMEM 7 support. There are
too many changes to go into here, but full details are available from
the download site at SourceForge:

Clearly, a NONMEM run manager without NONMEM 7 support is of, shall we
say, limited usefulness in this day and age, but I hope some will still
find this release helpful. For everyone else, rest assured that Census
will catch up soon.

Census is a comprehensive project manager for NONMEM, providing detailed
summary, comparison and overview of the runs comprising a given project,
including the display of output data, post-run processing, and rapid
diagnostic plots through tight integration with Xpose. While it runs
only under Windows, it can read any NONMEM output to which Windows has
access to via drive mapping, and should work seamlessly within virtual
Windows machines running on other operating systems (Parallels 6 has
been extensively tested under MacOS 10.6).

Census is, and will remain, free software under the Mozilla Public
License, version 1.1. Comments, criticisms, and suggestions are welcome.

Best regards

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