[Celestial Prime] FYI -- Chase and Facebook launch innovative program for small & local charities

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FYI -- If you're on Facebook, Chase is Giving away alot of money to the top 
 vote-getters -- please vote for SOLAE (Science Oriented Literature Arts 
And  Education Foundation) for this Chase Charity Giving.  
As many of you know, Celestial Prime is a member  organization of SOLAE.
Pass on to your ships and friends.
Thanks for reading.
Keith Ketchum

JPMorgan  Chase has issued the following press release. 

Chase and Facebook launch  innovative giving program for small and local 
Facebook  users empowered to direct corporate giving effort with more than 
500,000  community organizations eligible for grants 
NEW YORK, November 16, 2009 —  For the first time ever, Facebook® users 
will  be able to choose from more than 500,000 small and local charities to 
decide  which community organizations they want to receive donations totaling 
millions  of dollars from a corporate philanthropy fund. Chase and Facebook 
today  announced the launch of Chase Community  Giving: You Decide What 
Matters, a  grassroots campaign to inspire a new way of corporate philanthropy. 
Chase is enlisting Facebook  users, now totaling more than 300 million, to 
vote for which small and local  nonprofits will receive donations totaling 
$5 million. The eligible charity  receiving the most votes will be awarded $1 
million, the top five runners-up  will receive $100,000 each and the 100 
finalists, including the top winners,  will be awarded $25,000 each. 
Additionally, a special Advisory Board featuring  members who are active in 
philanthropy, including actress Eva Longoria, Do Something founder Nancy  
Lublin and 
NBA Hall of Famer David Robinson, will allocate a total of $1 million to the 
nominated  charities of its choice. 
"Every year, our company  donates more than $100 million to nonprofit 
organizations in local communities,  nationally and abroad, and our employees 
dedicate countless hours of their own  time to helping those in need," said 
Jamie Dimon, Chairman and CEO of JPMorgan Chase &  Co. "The grassroots nature 
of Facebook  will allow us to hear directly which local charities matter most 
to our  communities, hopefully creating an even bigger impact." 
"Facebook has become a global  platform people use for all types of 
philanthropic causes from medical research  and human rights, to disaster 
assistance and children's rights," said Sheryl Sandberg, COO of  Facebook. 
creative  approach—crowdsourcing for charity—puts the power of corporate 
giving directly  in the hands of Facebook users. Thanks to the Chase Community 
Giving program,  millions of Americans will be able to join together to have 
an unprecedented  philanthropic impact on communities across the nation." 
This $5 million Facebook effort  is in addition to the bank's traditional 
philanthropic giving, and if  successful, the bank hopes to commit more of 
its annual philanthropy funds using  this innovative method of giving. 
"Chase Community Giving could  not come at a more crucial time. Community 
organizations in San Antonio and  across the country are facing increasing 
challenges. Chase's innovative program  with Facebook will incite a new level 
of engagement with and support for  community giving," said David Robinson,  
founder of _The Carver  Academy._ (http://www.thecarveracademy.org/)  He 
continued, "I am  confident that Chase's continuing efforts have the power to 
redefine corporate  philanthropy.  
"Chase Community Giving is  going to allow Facebook users to vote for local 
charities that are closest to  their hearts—from human rights to 
education," said Eva Longoria, founder of _Eva's  Heroes._ 
(http://www.evasheroes.org/)  "These smaller  organizations are working hard 
for their communities 
every day, but don't always  get the recognition they deserve. This new way of 
corporate giving will bring  these non profits into the spotlight where they 
can shine." 
"This innovative program  unleashes the charitable passions of our 
neighbors, friends and colleagues to  rally around the issues and organizations 
are most meaningful to them,"  said Kimberly Davis, President of the  
JPMorgan Chase Foundation. "Facebook  users can literally 'vote their 
while helping to celebrate and  reward the charities that are doing so much 
great work across our nation. We  look forward to applying the learning 
from this program to future philanthropic  endeavors." 
In Round One of  the Chase Community Giving program, Facebook users will 
vote for nonprofit  organizations they think should receive a portion of 
Chase's philanthropy funds.  To reinforce the local focus of this program, 
501(c)(3) nonprofits with an  operating budget of $10 million or less will be 
eligible. Facebook users will be  able to nominate nonprofits that serve the 
general public in the following  areas: education, healthcare, housing, the 
environment, combating hunger, arts  and culture, human services and animal 
welfare. The Chase Community Giving  Advisory Board will review the top 
vote-getters to help ensure compliance with  the program's rules. On December 
the top 100 qualified vote-getters will be  announced to receive $25,000 
each, and will move on to the next  round. 
In Round Two, the  top 100 organizations will have the option to submit a 
Million Dollar Grant  proposal to Facebook users, detailing the difference 
they would make in their  local community with the significant extra 
resources. Facebook users will vote  starting January 15, and on February 1, 
qualified organization receiving the  most votes will be announced as the 
of a Million Dollar Grant from Chase.  The next five organizations with the 
most votes will receive $100,000 each.  Additionally, the Advisory Board 
will donate $1 million to the nominated  charities of its choice. 
Chase Community Giving Advisory  Board Members include: 
    *   Kimberly Davis, President of  the JPMorgan Chase Foundation  
    *   Eva Longoria, actress and  philanthropist  
    *   Nancy Lublin, CEO of  _Do  Something_ (http://www.dosomething.org/) 
    *   David Robinson, NBA Hall of  Famer and philanthropist  
    *   Elliot Schrage, Vice  President of Global Communications and Public 
Policy at Facebook 
In addition to the donations  made through the program, Chase will provide 
a $25,000 honorarium to each Board  member who does not work for Chase or 
Facebook, to donate to the charity of  their personal choice. Chase and the 
Advisory Board will reserve the right to  eliminate any organization not 
meeting the program rules. 
For more information and  program requirements, visit 
chasecommunitygivinch To learn more  about what Chase is doing to serve its 
communities, visit _www.jpmorganchase.www.jpmorganchasww_ 

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