[ceevol] REMINDER for TODAY: GEE/CEE Seminar Weds 25 Apr at 5pm: A network perspective on the evolution of ageing

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Dear All

Just a reminder re today's CEE Seminar at 5pm, in the AV Hill LT (Medical 
Sciences Building):  

All are welcome!

Best wishes

From: Dempster, Jane
Sent: 18 April 2012 17:13
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Subject: GEE/CEE Seminar Weds 25 Apr at 5pm: A network perspective on the 
evolution of ageing

For CEE & LERN & ZSL colleagues and all in Biosciences

Dear All

The GEE/CEE Seminar on Wednesday 25 April at 5pm, will be given by Professor 
Daniel Promislow, Department of Genetics, University of Georgia.

His talk is entitled A network perspective on the evolution of ageing

Lab site: http://mango.ctegd.uga.edu/PromislowLab/



Over the past two decades, scientists have uncovered an impressive array of 
genes and gene pathways associated with longevity in laboratory organisms. 
However, aging is a complex phenotype influenced by a large number of genetic 
and environmental factors. On closer inspection, we see that these the many 
genes associated with longevity interact with one another in a complex network 
of genes, proteins and metabolites. In fact, studies of aging integrate 
biological traits from single molecules to population-wide phenomena. From an 
evolutionary perspective, studies of aging face two key questions. First, why 
do individuals vary in rates of aging within populations, and second, why do 
different processes fail at different rates within individuals? Here I describe 
how the study of genomic and metabolomic networks, using both inbred, 
laboratory models as well as in genetically heterogeneous populations, can shed 
new light on these important questions.

The venue is the A V Hill Lecture Theatre, Medical Sciences Building, UCL
If you wish to meet the speaker, please contact the host, Dr Lazaros Foukas:  

All are welcome to attend.

Best wishes

Jane M Dempster
Executive Officer to Professor Andrew Pomiankowski, Head of Research Department 
of Genetics, Evolution and Environment, and to
Professor Gabriel Waksman, Head of Research Department of Structural and 
Molecular Biology
& CEE Administrator
Darwin Building (Room 111),  Gower Street, London, WC1E 6BT
Tel: 020 7679 2246 (internal xt 32246)
Fax:  020 7679 7193
E-mail: j.dempster@xxxxxxxxx<mailto:j.dempster@xxxxxxxxx>
Departmental websites:
GEE:   http://www.ucl.ac.uk/gee
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