[ceevol] Further reminder: Grant round for the Centre for Ecology & Evolution - deadline for applications 3 February 2012

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A further reminder to all CEE, GEE and LERN members
and Jo Keogh for circulation within IoZ/ZSL

Dear Colleagues

Please note the following final call for funding applications to the CEE.  The 
deadline is strictly 3 February 2012.  All details available here:  

The CEE Committee looks forward to hearing from you.

With warmest wishes for a happy and prosperous 2012.

Jane Dempster

On behalf of the CEE Committee

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Subject: [ceevol] Announcing new grant round for the Centre for Ecology & 
Evolution - deadline 3 February 2012


For all CEE, GEE and LERN members

Dear Colleagues

The CEE Committee is delighted to announce another funding round.  The grant 
round, however, will be the last to be financed through as award from the 
University of London Vice Chancellors' Development fund made to the CEE in 
2007. The aim of the grant scheme is to foster collaborative research across 
the CEE's participating institutions. In today's world, the importance of 
understanding ecology and evolution goes far beyond academic curiosity. With 
its breadth of membership, the CEE is in a unique position to provide the 
cross-disciplinary research necessary to make genuine progress in the field. 
The small grant scheme will contribute to realising potential 
cross-institutional synergies.

Our aim is to assign several small grants to groups of researchers that span 
two or more member institutions. Funding can be sought for a variety of 
activities, including small research projects, workshops, meetings between 
scientists in view of writing a review, setting up an international 
collaboration or preparing a grant application. Grants are assessed following 
the criteria listed at the end of this document.

Applications will be assessed by the CEE Committee, whose membership covers the 
diverse areas of the CEE's interests and the different member institutions. For 
further details and application forms visit the CEE's grants and funding page 
here<http://www.ceevol.co.uk/grants-and-funding/>, for direct queries e-mail 

PhD students, postdoctoral researchers and academic or research staff are all 
eligible to apply. PhD students should submit their application through their 
supervisor, and it is important that the application shows how the funding will 
add value to the PhD project. Applicants should clearly state the 
ecological/evolutionary question the study will address and should indicate how 
they intend to follow up the research with an application for larger-scale 
funding. Successful applicants will be expected to report progress to the CEE 
Steering Committee by an annual report and a short, post-project seminar to the 
CEE community.

The deadline for this round is Friday 3 February 2012, 5pm. Awards will be 
announced in late February.

 Assessment criteria

The members of the CEE Steering Committee will assess grant proposals according 
to the following criteria:

- Quality of science

- Output (clearly defined, time-limited, achievable)

- Collaborative aspect (novel collaboration or new direction in existing 

- Fit to scheme (CEE remit, lack of alternative funding sources)

- Costs acceptable and reasonable

We look forward to hearing from you.

With warmest wishes for the festive season,

Jane Dempster

On behalf of the CEE Committee

Jane M Dempster
Executive Officer to Professor Andrew Pomiankowski, Head of Research Department 
of Genetics, Evolution and Environment, and to
Professor Gabriel Waksman, Head of Research Department of Structural and 
Molecular Biology
& CEE Administrator
Darwin Building (Room 111),  Gower Street, London, WC1E 6BT
Tel: 020 7679 2246 (internal xt 32246)
Fax:  020 7679 7193
E-mail: j.dempster@xxxxxxxxx<mailto:j.dempster@xxxxxxxxx>
Departmental websites:
GEE:   http://www.ucl.ac.uk/gee
SMB: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/smb/
CEE:  http://www.ceevol.co.uk/

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