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Dear all,

Please find below, a list of upcoming CEE related events for the coming week.

Events w/c 9th June
UCL - French Embassy 'State of Nature' Conférence-Débat Series 2014 - 
Technology for Nature?

Speakers:            Prof. Romain Julliard, National Museum of Natural History, 
Paris, France
Prof. Kate E. Jones, Centre for Biodiversity and Environment Research, 
University College London
Date & time:      10th June 18:00 - 19:30 (followed by wine reception)
Venue:                 Darwin Lecture Theatre, University College London

Technology for Nature?
We debate whether new technologies can help us to further understand and 
predict the impact of anthropogenic change on the natural world. Can these 
technologies inspire people to become further engaged in the environment around 
them? The event is free and everyone is welcome.

Please register to attend - 
http://conference-debat-techfornature.eventbrite.co.uk - this event is free and 
is open to all.

Speaker Bios

Prof. Romain Julliard - Prof. Julliard is the Scientific Director of Vigie 
Nature at National Museum of Natural History, Paris, which monitors trends in 
various widespread taxa using citizen scientists in France.  Prof. Julliard's 
research focuses on the functional homogenization of biodiversity, how 
biodiversity changes (reorganization of communities under the influence of 
global change) and biodiversity applications (development of biodiversity 
indicators). Prof. Julliard did his PhD in University of Montpellier France and 
has worked at National Museum of Natural History, Paris since 1999.

Prof. Kate Jones - Prof. Kate Jones holds the chair of Ecology and Biodiversity 
at University College London and Zoological Society of London. Her research 
focuses on understanding how biodiversity is maintained, monitored and 
conserved globally, with a focus on mammals. Following her PhD in 1998, Prof. 
Jones has held research positions at University of Virginia, Columbia 
University and Zoological Society of London and has worked at University 
College London since 2012.

Who's going to save the world? Building the next generation of conservation 
leaders - ZSL Seminar Series
Speakers:            Kiragu Mwangi, BirdLife International;
Marianne Carter, Fauna and Flora International;
Simon Black, DICE, University of Kent;
Olivia Couchman, Zoological Society of London
Rosie Trevelyan, Tropical Biology Association.
Date & time:      10th June 18:00 - 19:45
Venue:                 Huxley Lecture Theatre, ZSL London Zoo

The sixth extinction is underway and our species and ecosystems are in crisis. 
To fight this, we need conservation capacity - the knowledge, tools and 
resources to effectively manage wildlife, habitats and ecosystems - which so 
far has been traditionally lacking in those countries richest in natural 

Despite capacity building being a key conservation action, the process has been 
described as 'a risky, murky, messy business with unpredictable and 
unquantifiable outcomes, uncertain methodologies, contested objectives, 
unintended consequences and long time lags' (Morgan, 1998).

As yet, there has been no systematic approach to undertaking capacity building, 
or for monitoring and evaluating the success (or otherwise) of such 
initiatives. This meeting will explore different approaches to training the 
next generation of conservation leaders, to develop a set of standard 
recommendations for practice. This will build on the key findings and strategic 
solutions proposed in the first ever international conference on capacity 
building for conservation (Columbia, 2013) and highlight examples of successful 
training initiatives, ranging from vocational training to taught courses and 

This meeting will be chaired by Dr Mark O'Connell, ERT Conservation

Booking is not necessary for this event - seating is allocated on a first come, 
first served basis. We hope to see you there!

PhD Evening  - LERN Seminar Series

Date & time:      11th June, 17:00
Venue:                 G01 Lankester Lecture Theatre, Medawar Building, UCL, 
Gower St. London, WC1E 6BT
Abstract:              The LERN PhD evening will be a mini-conference, with 
four 15 minute talks. If you are interested in giving one of the talks, email 
us (londonevolution@xxxxxxxxx<mailto:londonevolution@xxxxxxxxx>)! It's a great 
opportunity to present your research - and practice your public speaking skills 
- in an informal setting.

Seminars outside of London

27th June 2014

The Division of Biological Anthropology of University of Cambridge, UK, will be 
organising the conference "Evolution of Innovation: Big Brains or Big Data?" on 
27th June 2014 (Friday) in Mill Lane Lecture Room 1. We'd like to extend our 
invitation to those who are interested to submit their abstracts for posters to 
this conference. For more information, please refer to our 

Request for volunteers

Soapbox science 2014

It is that time of the year again when Soapbox Science is searching for 
volunteers to help on the day.

As you may know, Soapbox Science is an annual public science communication 
event that transforms public areas in central London into an arena for public 
learning and scientific debate (see http://soapboxscience.org for more 
information on this).

This year, our event will take place on Sunday the 29th of June, Queen's Stone, 
Riverside walkway (by Gabriel's Wharf), South Bank London SE1 9PP. The event 
runs from 12-3pm. For this occasion, we have selected 12 inspiring speakers: 
these are Prof Eleanor Highwood (Reading University), Dr Priya Kalia (King's 
College London), Dr Suchitra Sebastian (University of Cambridge), Dr Pola 
Goldberg Oppenheimer (Birmingham University), Dr Louise Janna Johnson 
(University of Reading), Dr Natasha Stephen (NHM & Imperial College London), Dr 
Erin Heerey (Bangor University), Dr Yvette Hancock (University of York), Dr 
Jennifer Bizley (UCL), Dr Deidre Hollingsworth (Warwick University), Dr Isabel 
Pires (University of Hull), and our very own Dr Sarah Durant.

We are looking for volunteers to help with various aspects of the event, 
ranging from data collection to speaker's assistance, crowd control and public 
engagement. Being a volunteer provides some fantastic networking opportunities 
- and is generally associated with getting a free lunch!

If you would like to volunteer, please contact Nathalie Pettorelli 
Nathalie.Pettorelli@xxxxxxxxx<mailto:Nathalie.Pettorelli@xxxxxxxxx> directly.

If you would like to include a seminar, event or a seminar series to the CEE, 
please e-mail details of the event, at least two weeks before the seminar date, 
to cee@xxxxxxxxx<mailto:cee@xxxxxxxxx> . Once accepted your event will be 
publicized on the website calendar, via e-mail and to the twitter community.

Chris Langridge
CEE Administrator
The Centre for Ecology and Evolution
University College London
Gower St., London, WC1E 6BT
E: cee@xxxxxxxxx<mailto:cee@xxxxxxxxx>

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