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Dear all,
Please find below, a list of upcoming CEE related events for the coming week.
Events w/c 8th June
Biological networks: Real, complex or imaginary?- Imperial Seminar Series

Date & Time: 11th June 1:00pm
Speaker: Jon
Venue: Imperial College London - Silwood Park Campus, Buckhurst
Road, Ascot, West Berkshire SL5 7PY

Looking at Strange Creatures: Seminar Day - UCL Grant Museum

Date & Time: 13th June 10:00pm
Markman Ellis<http://www.sed.qmul.ac.uk/staff/ellism.html>, Queen Mary
University: The spectacle of the kangaroo
ATM<http://globalstreetart.com/atm>: Painting endangered birds on the street
Sarah Wade, UCL: Art, Animals and Wonder in Museums
Bob Mills, UCL: Sovereignty and the Beast - Political Animals in Medieval Art

Venue: UCL Quad Pavilion Tent, University College London,
University Street, WC1E 6BT

Upcoming Seminars and events
Health research in the context of rapidly emerging public-health threats
16 Jun 2015 18:30 - 20:00
2015 Stamford Raffles
Lecture<http://www.zsl.org/science/whats-on/stamford-raffles-lecture> by
Professor Jeremy Farrar OBE, Director of the Wellcome Trust
Huxley Lecture Theatre, ZSL London Zoo
The recent Ebola outbreak highlights the serious threat that emerging
infectious diseases can pose to global public health. Despite years of
apparent preparations for a devastating pandemic, responses to outbreaks are
cumbersome and delayed, and opportunities to save lives are missed.
Over the past 15 years, the failure to systematically collect and share
clinical data during epidemics, including zoonotic viruses such as SARS, H5N1,
Nipah, and MERSCoV, has been a recurring problem. Understanding the
interrelationships between human behaviour, animal health and the environment
is essential for mobilising successful responses to future spillover events.
Annual A. R. Wallace Lecture 2015
Thursday 2nd July 2015
Flett Events Theatre, Natural History Museum, South Kensington, London
All welcome!

Wallace, Darwin, and Spiritualism: The Trial of the Spirit-Medium Henry Slade,

Richard Milner (American Museum of Natural History and Director, Alfred Russel
Wallace Centenary Celebration<http://www.darwinlive.com/wallace/amnh.html>)

In 1876, the renowned spirit-medium, Henry Slade, was the focus of a bizarre
courtroom trial in London brought by one of Thomas Henry Huxley's zoology
students - the first time a scientist had prosecuted a "psychic" in a court of
law for conducting fraudulent "experiments" in the paranormal. England's two
greatest naturalists - Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace - took opposing
sides when the "supernatural" went on trial. Richard Milner's scholarly
sleuthing uncovers this forgotten episode in the history of science, and offers
entertaining insights into the personalities and beliefs of the co-founders of
evolutionary biology.

About Richard Milner

Richard is an Associate in Anthropology at the American Museum of Natural
History, and currently co-editor of Special Alfred Russel Wallace Issues of
Natural History and Skeptic magazines. Milner's books include Darwin's
Universe: Evolution from A to Z and The Encyclopedia of Evolution. His most
recent book is a tribute to his boyhood hero, paleoartist Charles R. Knight:
The Artist Who Saw Through Time (Abrams, 2012). Milner has performed his
one-man musical, "Charles Darwin: Live & In Concert," all over the
world---including in Darwin's beloved Galapagos Islands. He is director of the
Alfred Russel Wallace Centenary
Celebration<http://www.darwinlive.com/wallace/amnh.html>, which produced public
conferences on Wallace at UCLA, North Carolina Museum of Science, and at the
American Museum of Natural History, with a keynote talk by Sir David
Attenborough. Milner's Wallace Project, funded by the John Templeton
Foundation, has also helped to support the Wallace Correspondence
Project<http://wallaceletters.info/content/homepage> at the NHM, which has
placed the great naturalist's voluminous correspondence online free to scholars
and the general public<http://www.nhm.ac.uk/wallacelettersonline>.

All welcome! Please enter the Museum via the entrance in Exhibition Road and
allow time for possible queuing to get in. For information on how to get to the
Flett Theatre see
http://www.nhm.ac.uk/research-curation/news-events/seminars/attending/ The
museum closes at 18.00, so please be out of the building by then.

*The annual Wallace Lecture is organised by the Wallace Correspondence Project
- http://wallaceletters.info/

If you would like to include a seminar, event or a seminar series to the CEE,
please e-mail details of the event, at least two weeks before the seminar date,
to cee@xxxxxxxxx<mailto:cee@xxxxxxxxx> . Once accepted your event will be
publicized on the website calendar, via e-mail and to the twitter community.
Chris Langridge
CEE Administrator
The Centre for Ecology and Evolution
University College London
Gower St., London, WC1E 6BT
E: cee@xxxxxxxxx<mailto:cee@xxxxxxxxx>

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