[ceevol] Final reminder: CEE Huxley Lecture tomorrow (Weds 1 Feb) following the CoMPLEX Annual Conference

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For All GEE, CEE, & LERN members

Dear All,

CoMPLEX Annual Conference 2012

Evolutionary Ecology

Wednesday 1st February 2012

Kennedy Lecture Theatre
UCL Institute of Child Health
30 Guilford Street
London WC1N 1EH

CoMPLEX's Annual Conference will be a celebration of Professor Rob Seymour's 
work with CoMPLEX.
The Conference will be a full day with the morning dedicated to CoMPLEX 
students and Research Fellows speaking about their work, with the afternoon 
being dedicated to ecology and evolution. It will showcase some of the current 
and future important topics in these two areas including the effects of 
competition on the evolution of ageing; early warning signals of ecological 
catastrophe in coral reefs; the evolution of sexual signalling in courtship and 
the indirect effects of vaccination on the ecology of non-target viruses. The 
conference will culminate in a lecture by Prof Steve Jones (UCL) and Prof 
Jonathan Silvertown (Open University) who will be delivering the annual 
London-based Centre forEcology and Evolution Huxley Lecture.
The day will be followed by a Wine Reception at Vats Wine Bar, Lamb's Conduit 

Further details are available on the CoMPLEX 

A note for CEE members regarding the Huxley Lecture: This will follow the 
CoMPLEX Annual Conference, at 5pm in the same location. There will be a 10 
minute break at 4.50pm to allow anyone attending the Huxley Lecture to join. 
You may be interested in attending all of Session 4 of the CoMPLEX Annual 
Conference, as Professor Steve Jones will also be talking.

With best wishes,

Abi Espie
Centre Administrator
University CollegeLondon
Tel: 020 7679 4325 (internal: 34325)


CoMPLEX Annual Conference 2012

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