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Dear Colleagues

Forwarding on behalf of the NHM for your possible interest.

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As part of the Wallace100 celebrations taking part in 2013, the Natural History 
Museum will be hosting a monthly lecture series. These lectures are part of the 
Museum's participation in Wallace100, an international programme of projects 
and events celebrating the centenary of Wallace's death on 7 November 2013. At 
these monthly events, leading biologists and historians will discuss different 
aspects of Wallace's life and work. The series also highlights the significance 
of the Museum as a focal point for Wallace collections and studies.

The Natural History Museum, 6 June 2013 16:30 - 17:30 Flett Events Theatre

Prof James Moore - 'Making Livings: Why Darwin's and Wallace's theories were 
worlds apart'

In the 5th in our series of Wallace100 lectures, James Moore, acclaimed author 
and history of science professor, explores how different the Victorian 
naturalists, Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace, were in their 
socio-economic backgrounds and in their thinking about evolution.

Free tickets need to be booked in advance
Book tickets 
Doors open 16.00

Personally no less than professionally, Alfred Russel Wallace and Charles 
Darwin were chalk and cheese. 'I fear we shall never quite understand each 
other,' an exasperated Darwin once wrote to Wallace. And the gulf between them 
was deeper and wider than anyone has yet grasped.

James Moore will tackle Darwin's and Wallace's supposed 'independent discovery' 
of the theory of natural selection by showing that from the start their 
theories were as different as the men themselves, as far apart as the ways in 
which they saw all species make their livings.

About James Moore
James Moore is co-author with Adrian Desmond of the bestselling biography 
Darwin (1991), now in 10 languages, and Darwin Sacred Cause: Race, Slavery and 
the Quest for Human Origins (2009). With degrees in science, divinity and 
history, Moore has taught at Cambridge and the Open University, where he is 
Professor of the History of Science.

Details of the event can also be found here: 

Details of the Wallace100 celebrations can be found here: 

Details of Wallace100 events taking place at the NHM can be found here: 

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