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Hi Committee Members,
Here is where I am so far:
I talked with Jim Hubbell today.  What I said was: 
1.  The Committee is not ready to review a contract like Ilisa submitted at
this time.
2.  What we would like to have is a more detailed drawing of the plan for
the Monument and your fee for 
providing that drawing.
He:  No problem.  I have actually already drawn up something in more detail.
The bench is only a small part of this design.  
         Me:  Do you think we can we have the drawing by Sep 25th?  
         He:  I think that will be fine.
3.  We would also like to have your permission to make prints of your
rendering, mat them, have you sign them 
and then sell them as part of the fund raising effort for the Monument.
         He:  That's fine.  
4.  Later, probably after the event, we (the Committee) will address the
construction details and work out an 
agreement for the execution of the design.
         Jim is going to talk with Ilisa about this.
I didn't get a fee commitment from Jim during this conversation
Joan Embry:
I talked with her husband, Duane, at length on Thursday.  He was going to
talk with Joan about it and ask her to get back to me.  Today I called again
and got the answering machine.  I left a message and my number.  No response
County Parks:
They are on it.  Cailin, the Park employee who lived here in 2003, is taking
the invitation to have a table/display at the event to the right people.
Should work
Natural History Museum:
I have not connected yet.  Will try again on Monday.
What about offering Silverwood Wildlife Sanctuary (Audubon) the opportunity
to have a table at the event?

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Subject: [cedarfirememorialsteeringgroup] Message from Sandra regarding
"historic" and "historical"
I'm not sure either "historic" or "historical" is the right word.
"Historic" means something of
The fire itself for instance was historic, but the monument isn't.
Historical means something old, and the monument is new. Here's more
explanation on that:


"Monument," on the other hand is a perfect word for our purposes.
*Merriam-Webster: a** **(1)* *:*  a lasting evidence, reminder, or example
of someone or something notable or great *(2)* *:*  a distinguished person
*b* *:*  a memorial stone or a building erected in remembrance of a person
or event.

Wikipedia: "A *monument* is a type of structure either explicitly created
to commemorate a person or important event or which has become important to
a social group as a part of their remembrance of historic times or cultural

So why not simply the Cedar Fire Monument?

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