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Hi Ingrid,

At our last meeting on November 13, 2013, we decided to begin the Monument
site design and build "planning" process in January 2014. At the January
meeting we'll develop the "process", build our "plan of action" and decided
how to proceed with contracts, designs, budgets, construction  etc.
Currently we haven't done that and it's extremely important to decide how to
proceed carefully. Mr. Hubbell is still in for consideration but hiring him
to do it , has not been decided at this point. Hopefully he'll understand.
Once our plan is developed we can meet with him and Illisa for further


Bob Robeson


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Here you go, Bob.  Thanks. Ingrid



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Hi everyone.  I hope you all feel the need to be on a diet!


I'm wanting to contact James Hubbell and tell him where we are with
everything, but I don't know what to say.


I think he needs to know what the process is, if he has in fact been
selected to do the work (or is he being considered along with others) and
approximately what the timeline is.  I understand the need for the process
but I need to communicate it to him.  We sort of dropped him all of a sudden
and I don't want to lose his friendship.





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