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I apologize for missing the meeting last night. Sandra has the flu, a
fever, and associated other symptoms. I just decided my "place" was home
taking care of her.

On Thu, Jan 30, 2014 at 9:29 AM, Bob Robeson <bobroby@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> CFM Steering group.
> I've attached 3 drawings of what I think may give us a start on a CF
> Monument design. Here's my description of it:
> 1. The "Monument" would be five sided, built out of concrete with river
> rock, with a  12" high base (step), five walls with a plaque on each wall
> and a planter on top. Each plaque side would display the "Before",
> "During",
> "After, "Fire History Board" and "Casualty List". Total monument height 7'.
> 2. The Monument area will have a compliance gate at the entry and custom
> fence around the area, except back wall. The fence facing the street will
> have a metal sign attached saying "2003 CEDAR FIRE MONUMENT" with solar
> display lighting..
> 3. The area flooring will have pavers with an adequate walkway around the
> perimeter capable for wheel chairs.
> 4. The western side slope & drainage will have shady palms with river rock
> to provide runoff and afternoon shade for the patio area.
> 5. The "Monument" will be located in the center of the patio area, which is
> covered with pavers adequate for portable chairs or tables. Planters with
> low flammable type native vegetation will be spotted in the corners where
> possible.
> 6. Security lighting will be around the site for easy view of the Monument
> at night.
> This is just the beginning and comments are welcome.
> Bob R.
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