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These are photos Pami and I took. Feel free to save or download any for your 
personal use.

Thank you for letting me be a part of this group.

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Everyone spoke with loved it and it was exactly what we had planned.  The fire 
families were very appreciative.  

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  It was great !

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  Bob Robeson <bobroby@xxxxxxx> wrote:

  Cedar Fire Monument Committee:

  Thank you all for your hard work and planning that brought about a great, 
inspirational program yesterday. It’s estimated over 200 people were in 
attendance plus the press. Captain Chuck Palmer did a superior job as MC and 
with Cristina’s help as “time keeper” the program went perfect from start to 
finish. The Fire Department staff and Logistical Volunteers assistance with 
organizing, support, logistics, setting up the station, directing traffic and 
cleaning up after the program, was outstanding. The vendors appeared very busy 
and the Gillespie Field Aviators along with the S.D. Sheriff’s Helicopter came 
through with their air show specialty’s. I’m sure that everyone who attended 
from the public, fire victims, emergency service agencies, vendors, politicians 
and press were impressed and had “good feelings” at the end of the program for 
“Reconnecting and Reflecting”.

  Thank you!!

  Bob Robeson

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