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I can ask James about another Tuesday.  He is coordinating on his end as
well and I think June 25th was the only Tuesday that Alisa could be there.
We could meet without her I suppose, but I think June 25th would be the
June 18th is probably pushing it for James because he will have @ 500 people
at his home on the 16th for the annual Ilan Lael Open House.
July 2nd might work for him but without Alisa.
James is leaving for Taiwan on July 11th, so on the 9th he will probably be
busy preparing for that trip.

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My thoughts are we should meet with James Hubble for our next meeting,
understanding the date & times are going to be challenging.  But if we want
to consider his ideas/suggestions, we should meet with him before we do
anything else at this point.  I can meet June 25th, if I move an
appointment.  I can not do August 10th and I agree, that is getting late
into the process.  It would be beneficial to have you at the meeting,
Ingrid, since you are more familiar with him.  Are there any other dates
available in June? or first week of July?
Would there be anything else on the agenda tonight?  If not, let's postpone
until meeting with Mr. Hubble, is my suggestion.  Open to what ever the rest
of the group wants to do.
Thanks for your progress on this Ingrid!

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From: Ingrid Coffin <indy333@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [cedarfirememorial] Re: Meeting
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Date: Wednesday, June 12, 2013, 1:09 PM
I think that was the original intent.  However, the person who is interested
in pursuing this project, James Hubbell, is not going to be there tonight.
So, do we want to have the meeting tonight anyway?
The next thing is when can we meet up with James and the people he has on
his team who would participate in the project with him.  This would be his
son, Brennan and an associate, Alisa Goldman, who has worked with him on
many projects.  James is in San Diego on Tuesdays.  James asked if we would
be able to meet with him on June 25th at 3 pm.  Alisa is available then as
well, but I don't know if we could do that.  I can be at the station on June
25th at 3 pm.  Can anyone else be there then?  Please give me feedback.
His next suggestion was for the committee members come to his home in Santa
Ysabel on a Saturday.  I don't have a Saturday available until August 10th,
which I think is too late in the process.  
What are your thoughts?

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I have on my calendar a meeting tonight - are we meeting?  
Was it to meet with potential designers?
We'll be there if needed.

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