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This looks good to me.

Bob R


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There would be two separate emails: One to Hubbell and one to Jeri Deneen
and Jon Powell (Need email address for Jeri and Jon from Sandra).

This is a draft of the email to Jim Hubbell


To:  James Hubbell  jimhubbell@xxxxxxx          


Subject:  Cedar Fire Historical Monument


The Lakeside Fire Department and members of the Lakeside community have
joined together to create a Cedar Fire Historical Monument.  Details of this
project are attached.


We are contacting you because you have designed and executed many beautiful
installations in San Diego County, and we hope you will be interested in
this project.


If, after reading the project description, you are interested in talking
further or, if you have any questions, please contact David Kassel at
david@xxxxxxxxxxx   We ask that you respond to David indicating your
interest by June 11, 2013.


Thank you for considering the Cedar Fire Historical Monument project.




Ingrid Coffin

CFM Committee


(619) 561-5436



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