[CEC-Members-2011] Pubcrawl, Ultimate Frisbee and Paintball!

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Tickets for the Wild West Pubcrawl and Paintball are now on sale every day 
between 12-2pm at the stairwell near the Basement Cafe in Building 204. Western 
Pubcrawl tickets are $15 for CEC members and $20 for everyone else. Included in 
the ticket price is 2 free drinks and food at the Tav before we leave on the 
bus for our Wildwest Adventure! We will be leaving the Tav at 7:30PM and 
heading to the Como, Claremont and HipE Club before finishing off in Perth. So 
make sure you get your cowboy hat and your ticket before next Friday and we 
shall see you there for a good time!

Tickets for Paintball are also on sale and with games ranging from team slayer 
to CTF and territory variations, this will be a great day of shooting each 
other, followed with a sausage sizzle and few drinks.

The package includes 200 rounds each, sausage sizzle after the game, and access 
to the pool and bar to cool off afterwards.
Extra ammo and cold drinks will be available throughout the day, so bring some 
extra money if you're the type who will shoot anything that moves

Games start at 10am, so arrive 1/2 an hour before for the safety briefing and 
kitting up

You must register to play and complete a waiver by the 10th of April so we can 
confirm with the site - find us in the CEC office on the ground floor of the 
new engineering pavilion or near the basement cafe from 12 - 2 each weekday, or 
contact me at twalkemeyer@xxxxxxxxx

$40 for club and guild members
$45 for club, not guild members
$45 for guild, not club members
$50 for everyone else

Just on a final note, the bus for Ultimate Frisbee leaves at 12pm next Thursday 
from the taxi stand between buildings 100 and 200. It'll be a day of free food 
and drinks where we'll show UWA how silly their university really is. Come 
along for the ride and have a good time, if you want to come then throw an 
email to cec.club@xxxxxxxxx<mailto:cec.club@xxxxxxxxx> or just turn up on the 

Hope to see you all there!

Your President,

Daniel Sargent
Curtin Engineers Club

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