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Ladies and Gentlemen!

Welcome back to second semester! I hope you all had a safe time on your 
roadtrips/holidays and are now all refreshed for another semester of late night 
study in the pavilion listening to Epic Sax Guy on the projector, Karawara 
lunch runs, skipping lectures because you don't see the point and having a 
chilled session at CEC beers on the lawn!

Some important things to note about the CEC this semester are as follows:

T-Shirts- They are finally in and look like this...

Shirts are $15 and can be bought anytime from the CEC office or at the ball 
stand (at the basement cafe) between 12 and 2pm.

Events- We have a large number of networking, academic and social events this 
semester and these are as follows:

*         Guild Day- We'll have a stall present today (Wednesday 20/07/2011) 
between 11-2pm at the Guild Courtyard

*         Beers on the Lawn III- Friday 29/07/2011 (Next Friday)- do I have to 
say more? See the facebook event 

*         Networking Forum- 02/08/2011- For those of us who desperately need 
vacation work to graduate (which is all of you) and also want some sort of 
income to support your unhealthy drinking habits and holidaying experiences at 
that time of year, come to this event and talk to the company representatives 
and get some insider info on some of the places you'd like to work one day.

*         Quiz Night- 16/08/2011- A fun night of answering trivial stuff that 
you will probably never need to know. Get a team and have a few drinks. There 
will be prizes for the winning teams!

*         Shanghai Moon Ignite! Ball- 10/09/2011- OMG OMG It's the Ball It's 
the Ball! Get your ticket now! Basement Cafe 12-2pm every day. Tickets are $135 
Guild+CEC, $140 Guild and $145 Standard!

*         Darkzone- 14/09/2011- This will be held during the tuition free week 
and will be a late night game of laser tag!

*         CEC Annual General Meeting- 21/09/2011- If anyone is keen to get 
involved with the club and help run it, then this meeting is a perfect time to 
put your hand up.

*         Beers on the Lawn IV- 07/10/2011- Our last event for the year and for 
tax reasons we have to use up all of the money that we have left so it is going 
to go off!

Facebook- Due to Facebook changing once again, we now have a new facebook page! 
Make sure you like us so we feel special and you are kept updated! Join 

Lockers- Lockers on the second floor of the Engineering Pavilion are now up for 
hire so drop by the CEC Office and I'll sign you up!

Feedback- Finally, us at the CEC always like to know how we can improve on 
running the club and we value your opinion! Send an email to 
cec.club@xxxxxxxxx<mailto:cec.club@xxxxxxxxx> with any suggestions that you may 

We hope you're all pumped for this semester and we can't wait to see you at our 
events over the next 12 weeks!


Curtin Engineers Club

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