[cdynsys] Re: 2013 meeting of the Carolina Dynamics Seminar

  • From: ppunosevac@xxxxxxxx (Predrag Punosevac)
  • To: cdynsys@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2012 20:17:22 -0400

"Hawkins, Jane M" <jmh@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> While we've hosted it for free before, I also heard (since I missed
> the Clemson one, having a conflicting meeting) that there's an NSF
> "template" we might use if we want to try for funding again. 

While I do not want to interfere into the discussion about the next
location for the CDS meeting I would like to say a sentence or two about
the NSF funding.

I am not very experienced in obtaining NSF funding comparing to the
other members of Carolina Dynamical System group but my feeling is that
the group should apply this year for tree year funding instead of one
year. The upshot of getting three year support will be that the group
will not have to go through the process of writing grant proposal next
year again.

Secondly, my feeling is that having multiple co-pi(s) on the grant
proposal from the ranks of the long terms members of the group and
potential organizers of the next 3 meetings will increase group's
chances to re-new funding. Co-pi(s) role in the writing this specific
grant proposal is simple and not very time consuming. It boils down to
submitting NSF Biography and a support letter. This will also
demonstrate to NSF the fact that CDS meeting is a multi-university

Most Kind Regards,
Predrag Punosevac

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