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  • Date: Sun, 20 Nov 2005 17:40:38 +0000 (GMT)

In article <075531cc4d.john@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
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> I don't fully understand Lite-On's numbering system but basically the 
> 1673 is now quite an old drive and a lot of places no longer have  it. 
> The 1693 replaced it and in fact was the same hardware. Indeed it is 
> possible to make a 1673 into a 1693 by crossflashing the firmware (not 
> for the faint hearted though). The 1693 is now no longer made either 
> and has been replaced by the 1635.

> It is different hardware to the other 2, but I would imagine not all 
> that different. The main differences spec wise are slightly faster 
> read / write times I think My feeling is that it will probably work, 
> but would be interested to know if you tried it and whether it did or 
> not, in case I ever need to replace mine

I am keeping the same threading, but have added the model number to the
title so others can find this more easily in the future.

I reported yesterday a successful write to the recommended Verbatim media -
actually DVD+RW.

I can now confirm this on a large (nearly 4GB) write. However, blanking the
DVD+RW produces, very quickly, an unreadable disc which is also not
recognised at all by a DVD player.

Happily, the RW discs were very cheap!

Using the writer to write a different (usually more reliable) brand of CD
gave a successful write, but, for some reason, the directory viewer showed
that most of the filenames, as read by the writer, seemed to be mangled.

In fact, though, the data files were perfectly readable on the CDWriter, so
the write itself was successful.

I seem to have no alternative to keeping the drive, so I hope, in the light
of John Crane's information above, that Steffen may adapt the driver to
cope in time.


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