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so the year 2012 is almost over, and nothing much happened on the
CDVDBurn front. Sorry for that.

I have high hopes that 2013 will be different. Really.

The problem is: all I have done in recent years is not really fit for release.
The Blu-Ray support. The USB support. The CD/DVD Extractor feature.
with recent drives (especially DVD is a problem - CD and Blu-Ray usually works).

The possible exception is ARMv6/ARMv7 compatibility, but this is worthless
without working USB support.

So anyone interested in buying an upgrade to get some half-baked solution
for their Beagle/Panda/Raspberry?

I also started a project called "Isofier" which is a Java app that can create
a true RISC OS CD (i.e. all filetypes intact) from a PC filing system, e.g.
from a HostFS directory written to by RPCEmu or Virtual-RPC. Of course it can
also create plain old ISO/Joliet images if you want. It is already usable from
the command line but lacks a good GUI. Anyone interested in that?

What I do have finished is a Java app that transforms a CDVDBurn-style
image directory into a
image file. Anyone interested in that?

Whatever you think, I wish you all a happy new year, and keep the faith.


Steffen Huber           LambdaComm System - Welcome to Trollinger Country
Private homepage http://www.huber-net.de/

Hi Steffen,

Happy New Year to you too from 'Down Under'. If you are on Central European 
we started the New Year about 9 hours ahead of you here in Townsville, 
birthplace of Julian Assange! Christmas seemed odd with blazing hot sun and 
temperatures of around 33C.

Regarding your software, thanks very much for everything you have done so far. 
have used CDVDBurn successfully.

I would like a version of CDVDBurn for my BeagleBoard and my Raspberry-Pi and 
pay for it.
I rarely use emulation (due to concentrating on my Beagle and Raspberry-Pi), 
but I do 
have a recent emulator and it would be fun to try the Isoflier (?  :-)  ) Java 
app, it sounds 
so fast.
I can't think of any uses that I would have for the last Java app as you have 
described it.

Yes, I am keeping the faith apart form occasional Linux deviance. May I be 
forgiven! :-)

David Lane  

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