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Pulled from Slashdot.org (http://slashdot.org)
An international group of cosmologists, the Virgo Consortium, has realized the 
first simulation of the entire universe, starting 380,000 years after the Big 
Bang and going up to now. In "Computing the Cosmos," IEEE Spectrum writes that 
the scientists used a 4.2 teraflops system at the Max Planck Society's 
Computing Center in Garching, Germany, to do the computations. 

The whole universe was simulated by ten billion particles, each having a mass a 
billion times that of our sun. As it was necessary to compute the gravitational 
interactions between each of the ten billion mass points and all the others, a 
task that needed 60,000 years, the computer scientists devised a couple of 
tricks to reduce the amount of computations. And in June 2004, the first 
simulation of our universe was completed. 

The resulting data, which represents about 20 terabytes, will be available to 
everyone in the months to come, at least to people with a high-bandwidth 

Read the entire article here: http://radio.weblogs.com/0105910/2004/09/04.html

Donny Duncan


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