[ccoss] Ideas for meetings

  • From: Wendy Galovich <wegalovich@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: ccoss@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 26 Dec 2003 13:50:19 -0500

A while back Chris asked for presentation ideas for future meetings. I realize 
this is a bit belated, but it is the first opportunity that work and the 
holidays have allowed me... Anyway, here are mine.

1) Sound processing - what software to use, formats, etc. This is something 
near and dear to my heart because as a fiddle player, I learn as much or more 
by ear as from written music. This is a topic I might be willing to present 
(gasp), but it would take a few months to put it together. I would like to have 
an opportunity to fully explore Ardour before doing this (Ardour is at 
http://ardour.sourceforge.net, for anyone who's curious). Also, I need to be 
able to do a major upgrade on my Toshiba in order to do this presentation, 
which makes it somewhat dependent on my second suggestion:

2) A how-to presentation on installing Linux from the hard drive, from someone 
who has done it and knows what the pitfalls are. I have yet to do this 
successfully am not sure what I'm doing incorrectly. I have two laptops where I 
could really use this - a Toshiba with no floppy drive and a somewhat flaky CD 
drive, and a Sony Vaio in which everything is peripheral through either PCMCIA 
or USB connections, and which persistently ignores the BIOS setting to boot 
from CD or floppy.

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