[cccameraclub] Re: some suggestions for the money made at the convention

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Hi Ed,

  I agree we should use some of the money to improve the club. Some of the 
needs to be reserved for a minimum balance for those periods when income lags 
expenses. Whatever we choose should benefit all of the members not some select 
few. I think the computer and portable monitor is good so we can have a 
projected class of photos. If this becomes popular several sub classes can be 
created. Some examples would duplicate the print competition, B&W, Pictorial, 
Manipulated, etc. I think this form of presentation will increase participation 
as the club members will not have the expense of producing prints, and having 
store all of those prints. In the Computer Users Group club they show their 
without competition but with input from the others present as to quality and 
suggestions for improvement. While I like competition many in the club may like 
this form of presentation in addition to the monthly competition. Often new 
members may feel overwhelmed by competing with more experienced photographers, 
this form of presentation will provide a learning opportunity without the 
pressure of competition.
  We have a laptop and 19" LCD TV we can try out for size. 

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Subject: [cccameraclub] some suggestions for the money made at the convention

On Friday Carlos and i had a long talk about the camera club.
We made some money at the convention and here are some ideas on how to
spend some of it.

1 Give it to a charity.
example Habitat for Humanity.
I like this group because they help our local community, and one of my
friends grew up in a house  from them.(not here)

2 Have a drawing and send one or more members to:
a: The Texas School May 1st-6th 2011.
$485.00 (TPPA Members), $570.00 (non-TPPA Members)
b: Santa Fe workshops  multable dates and fees

3 send multable members to a one day workshop in Texas
Pay part of fees  and transport(chartered bus)
Such as Scott Kelby's http://kelbytraininglive.com/
Many others

4 have multabe outings and pay expenses

5 Order Lightroom 3 for members and split the cost.
or other software

6 Purchase computer and large monitor so the club can go digital.

7 get diagnostic equipment such as a monitor and print profiler.

8 have a big end of year party.

9 Do nothing and be boring

These are only ideas there are many other things

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