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Ed check the new list of current members.
Thank you,

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I have given the website a new look.
It includes a calendar and photo forum.


The calendar is pubic. if you have something to add please email me the

The photo forum is for current members of the Corpus Christi Camera Club.
Membership has its privileges.
After registering the user will need to be approved by an admin. Right now
that is
just me so if you register there maybe await until i approve  it.
I will be traveling on Tuesday 3/15.
I will try to check the board twice a day.

I need images for the website.
Right now its the Ed Pouso Show.
I should not be the only one on the site.
I will make a post on the forum about this.

There will be frequent changes to the website in the next week.
any suggestions will be welcome.

Thank You
Ed Pouso

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