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This summer Alcott just went through a MAJOR transition from the old email
list to a new system (Wordpress).  We really don't want to put people
through yet another transition to the iContacts system.  So, thanks for
including us in the discussion, but Sharon Carroll and I feel strongly that
we need to stick with our own separate system for now.


I need to also mention that we consider the list of 667 Alcott names that
you found to be obsolete.  That is, the folks on that list are no longer (or
should no longer) be receiving emails from us.  With all the emails lately
about earthlink, etc., I want to make sure that no one on the Alcott list is
receiving messages about the blocking issue.  It will just cause confusion
for folks who are part of the new WordPress system and don't receive emails
through the old system anymore.


Thanks for starting this list and giving us a better way to communicate
amongst ourselves!

Christine Paulsen



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Hi folks, 


For reference, here's some information about the service they use and what
they do in Carlisle.




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Hi Richard --

I administer the Buzz list, and the server and the list-serve software comes
from MEC, the Merrimack Educational Center.  Here's a link to their website:

MEC provides our internet service and our email service.  Regarding the list
serves, they provide the framework with a number of options and settings.
We then set up the groups we need and manage them.  We currently have one
for the Buzz and one for each grade level.  This seems to work pretty well.
Regarding the Buzz, we don't send the actual document to our list serve
members but rather send a link to the newsletter, which is posted on our
school website.

I hope this information is helpful.  I would be happy to talk with you, so
please give me a call if you would like.


Claire Wilcox
Assistant to the Superintendent
Carlisle Public Schools
83 School Street
Carlisle, MA 01741
Voice Mailbox: 1116

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to and from the Carlisle Public Schools is being archived.


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To: Claire Wilcox <cwilcox@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Carlisle Schools Mailing List Technology Contact?

Hi Claire,

I got your name from Janet Friedman as the person who edits the Carlisle
Schools monthly. I'm hoping you know and can send me the name and e-mail of
the person who administers the e-mail list server you use for distributing
The Buzz.

I administer (as a parent volunteer) such a mailing list system for Concord
K-8 and CCHS and I'm looking for a service provider and thought I might
learn something from my counterpart in Carlisle.


-- Richard A. Wells
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-- Richard A. Wells
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