[cc-lists] Re: Discussion of CPS and Concord-Carlisle E-Mail Lists

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I'm not going to bother to interleave.  My experience with the CMS
Announcements is that people want the new stuff at the top and don't bother
reading the rest :-(.  Having done announcements for 3 years, I have a few
things to add.  Everyone who submits things thinks that their announcement
is VERY IMPORTANT and should be repeated often and at the top.  I can easily
see a website approach quickly devolving because someone is not getting
enough responses to their event and so they want an email blast sent.  Once
that starts, it is a very slippery slope.  It will be hard to convince
others that they don't also need email blasts.  Pretty soon, you get to the
CCHS method where you get a reminder every other day about the same event.
(OK, so maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, but it sure feels that like


Also, I spent last year trying to find a replacement to do the
announcements.  It is a time consuming job and not many people can commit to
something like that.  If I had to also say that they needed web experience,
forget it.  I realize that we will not be able to replace Richard and all
the work he does on the back end.  However, I have not seen a PTG website
that was maintained fully thru a school year.  I have grave doubts about
finding volunteers with the time and skills needed.  At least everyone knows
how to create and send emails.  


I also agree that Connect Ed needs to be saved for the very important stuff.
I don't think that is the way to go for everyday announcements and such.  I
actually like the website approach (even tho my comments above would seem to
indicate otherwise).  The main sticking point I see is getting someone at
each school to commit to keeping it up-to-date with a clear understanding of
what will be available there and what (if anything) merits an email.  I
think parents won't like it as much, since it is not in their face the way
email is, but can ultimately be trained to use it (after missing some
important info).


Frankly, we may have reached a point where this is not something that can be
left entirely to volunteers.  That is an issue for the school admin to
address and I realize with budgets the way they are, nothing will be
changing in the near future.  But communication between schools and parents
is so vital at all levels.  It's what keeps the parents involved and helps
parents help their children make the most of the opportunities they have.


Joyce Davis



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Some comments on Gene's responses, interleaved below.




On Sun, Sep 19, 2010 at 11:39, Gene Warfel <GWarfel@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi Folks,

See my responses below:

Gene Warfel

cc-lists@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
>1. Should the PTG be responsible for mailing list systems carrying
>official school messages? 

My preference would be NOT to send out daily messages using any method
including Connect Ed.  I think the information should be posted and
perhaps a weekly reminder sent via email with a link to the web address
where the information is located.  If Connect Ed is used for any of this,
it should be email only.  Too many phone calls will make the system less
useful for urgent communications.



I completely agree that the phone component of Connect Ed should not be used


But if we didn't have the PTG lists, what would the schools do in place of
the old paper-in-the-backpack communications?


I also really like the idea of the announcement information being posted
rather than e-mailed, but a big sticking point on this may be privacy. It
seems to me that much of the information (personal contact information;
locations and times of where groups of schoolchildren will be) is not
suitable for posting in public. We'd have to figure out an authentication
scheme that works.


Some of the elementary school web sites have password-protected areas. Do
they work well enough? Could we really just post announcements and direct
folks to them occasionally? We tried this at Thoreau a number of years back,
and I think in the end folks liked it better when they got the messages
directly in e-mail. 


I have to say now as a CCHS and CMS parent, I find the deluge of the daily
announcements too much to read. I think going to a (bookmarked :-) web page
and checking a few times a week or when I have a specific question would be
a better model for me, personally.


But even if we do this we'd probably still need to have mailing lists, for
the occasional "blast" and those reminder messages.


>2. Should all the PTGs use the same mailing list system?

I think it would make sense for the software to be the same since people
often move up through the grades and various PTGs.



Although I agree in principle, this suggests we need to pick a system with a
low enough bar for management so that each school can find a volunteer or
two to manage it. (I'm not a good judge for this, since I seem to be drawn
to the complex and hard-to-manage. :-)


>3. Which mailing list system(s) should the PTG move to?

Any way that works is fine with me.  We need to keep in mind that we can't
count on there being available parent technical resources with the time to
tinker with mailing systems.

Bingo. :-)



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