[cc-lists] Re: Discussion of CPS and Concord-Carlisle E-Mail Lists

  • From: Richard Wells <raw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 19 Sep 2010 21:20:31 -0400

Some comments on Gene's responses, interleaved below.


On Sun, Sep 19, 2010 at 11:39, Gene Warfel <GWarfel@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi Folks,
> See my responses below:
> Gene Warfel
> cc-lists@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
> >1. Should the PTG be responsible for mailing list systems carrying
> >official school messages?
> >
> My preference would be NOT to send out daily messages using any method
> including Connect Ed.  I think the information should be posted and
> perhaps a weekly reminder sent via email with a link to the web address
> where the information is located.  If Connect Ed is used for any of this,
> it should be email only.  Too many phone calls will make the system less
> useful for urgent communications.
I completely agree that the phone component of Connect Ed should not be used

But if we didn't have the PTG lists, what would the schools do in place of
the old paper-in-the-backpack communications?

I also really like the idea of the announcement information being posted
rather than e-mailed, but a big sticking point on this may be privacy. It
seems to me that much of the information (personal contact information;
locations and times of where groups of schoolchildren will be) is not
suitable for posting in public. We'd have to figure out an authentication
scheme that works.

Some of the elementary school web sites have password-protected areas. Do
they work well enough? Could we really just post announcements and direct
folks to them occasionally? We tried this at Thoreau a number of years back,
and I think in the end folks liked it better when they got the messages
directly in e-mail.

I have to say now as a CCHS and CMS parent, I find the deluge of the daily
announcements too much to read. I think going to a (bookmarked :-) web page
and checking a few times a week or when I have a specific question would be
a better model for me, personally.

But even if we do this we'd probably still need to have mailing lists, for
the occasional "blast" and those reminder messages.

> >2. Should all the PTGs use the same mailing list system?
> I think it would make sense for the software to be the same since people
> often move up through the grades and various PTGs.
Although I agree in principle, this suggests we need to pick a system with a
low enough bar for management so that each school can find a volunteer or
two to manage it. (I'm not a good judge for this, since I seem to be drawn
to the complex and hard-to-manage. :-)

> >3. Which mailing list system(s) should the PTG move to?
> >
> Any way that works is fine with me.  We need to keep in mind that we can't
> count on there being available parent technical resources with the time to
> tinker with mailing systems.
> >
> Bingo. :-)

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