[cc-lists] Re: Discussion of CPS and Concord-Carlisle E-Mail Lists

  • From: "Gene Warfel" <GWarfel@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 19 Sep 2010 11:39:56 -0400

Hi Folks,

See my responses below:

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cc-lists@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
>1. Should the PTG be responsible for mailing list systems carrying
>official school messages? 
>The daily announcements for CCHS and CMS contain a lot of school
>information. In the old days these would have come home on school
>letterhead. Coming from adrian, a school server, it makes some sense. But
>if we move to (e.g.) [ mailto:cms-ptg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>]cms-ptg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, should that really be carrying information
>from the school to parents? Should we instead divide up the school and
>PTG communications and have the school communications flow through e.g.
>ConnectEd, and use the PTG list for lower-volume, PTG-only information?
>(E.g. social events, fundraisers, etc.) Do we want the PTG responsible
>when the system carrying school information is acting up?

My preference would be NOT to send out daily messages using any method
including Connect Ed.  I think the information should be posted and
perhaps a weekly reminder sent via email with a link to the web address
where the information is located.  If Connect Ed is used for any of this,
it should be email only.  Too many phone calls will make the system less
useful for urgent communications.
>2. Should all the PTGs use the same mailing list system?
>The system we have now was originally set up for CMS and CCHS. We then
>added the elementary schools. However, there really is no specific need
>for them all to be on a single system. As long as each PTG is getting
>what it needs done and has volunteers who can run it.

I think it would make sense for the software to be the same since people
often move up through the grades and various PTGs.
>3. Which mailing list system(s) should the PTG move to?
>Choices include big sites like Google Groups and Yahoo Groups or smaller
>places like FreeLists (where this "meta-list" is hosted, as a way of
>checking out its suitability).  There are pluses and minuses in all
>cases, and we can get into the details of these choices as the
>conversation progresses.

Any way that works is fine with me.  We need to keep in mind that we can't
count on there being available parent technical resources with the time to
tinker with mailing systems.

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