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The questions from Zoya's link - no answers this time. I can tell you I got 83%, but it wouldn't tell me which question I got wrong!

You are the business analyst for an initiative that has both the problem and the solution as difficult to define. The strategic importance is very high and the changes will affect the entire enterprise. The initiative is to take 12 – 24 months but the deadline is fixed and the schedule has no room for flexibility. This project should be classed:

Low risk

Moderate risk

High risk

Normal risk

You are the business analyst. It is necessary in any project to make a certain number of assumptions. Each assumption made must be assessed for:

degree of risk

frequency of occurring



The elicitation of the interfaces’ functional requirements should be done:

About midpoint in the life cycle

It does not matter

Late in the life cycle

Early in the life cycle

The matrix that is used as a cross reference of user groups against the entities managed within the system:

Responsibility matrix

Data dictionary

CRUD matrix

Data map

When should requirements definition normally be done?

At the end of the project

Before end user definition

Ongoing and iterative throughout the project

At the beginning of the project

Who is the most knowledgeable person on the solution about business requirements?

The chief accountant

The project manager

Upper management

The business analyst

On 20/08/2008, at 11:28 AM, Elizabeth Fullerton wrote:

Here are those 10 questions, with answers (beside the question number):

Question 1 d
Marks: 1 ?As part of Solution Assessment and Validation, the business analyst may be responsible for all of the following except Choose one answer. a. Ensuring that the roll out of the final product is completed as smoothly as possible
  b. Problem resolution after the product has been implemented
  c. Training the end users
d. Testing of the final product to ensure that all requirements were met

Question 2 c
Marks: 1 Jack is creating the requirements package for an outside vendor who will be implementing an off-the-shelf solution. All the factors below should be considered when designing a requirements package except
Choose one answer.   a. The size of the project
  b. The type of project
  c. The format most used by the company the BA works for
  d. Whether the package is for internal or external use

Question 3 b
Marks: 1 Jack is charged with documenting requirements for a new automated beverage dispenser to be sold at bars. He has divided the stakeholders up into direct and indirect customers. The direct customers are the drinkers at the bar and the bartenders who have to keep the beverage containers filled so no customer ever gets a ‘cannot fill request’ message. An indirect customer would be the owner of the bar who receives weekly reports concerning the number and types of drinks sold through the dispenser. To ensure that he meets the needs of both the direct and indirect customers, Jack should develop
Choose one answer.
  a. Context diagrams
  b. User profiles
  c. State machine diagrams
  d. Dialog maps

Question 4 d
Marks: 1 ?Business process analysis, object-oriented analysis, and structured analysis are various
Choose one answer.   a. Techniques used to elicit requirements
  b. Implementation solutions
  c. Types of requirements documentation methodologies
  d. Solution development methodologies

Question 5 b
Marks: 1 During a requirements review session which role answers questions about the requirements document, listens to suggestions and comments, and updates the requirements document?
Choose one answer.
  a. Project Manager
  b. Business Analyst
  c. Project Sponsor
  d. Technical Analyst

Question 6 c
Marks: 1 There are 6 processes to conduct a feasibility study. These processes should be
Choose one answer.
  a. Completed in order as specified in the BABOK
  b. Done concurrently
  c. Completed as necessary and can be done iteratively
  d. Completed as necessary and only done one time each

Question 7 c
Marks: 1 Steven is writing several use cases and finds that 3 of the use cases he is writing share functionality. Steven notes that the base use case refers to the functionality present in another use case. This type of association between use cases is called
Choose one answer.
  a. Annotation
  b. Exclusion
  c. Inclusion
  d. Cross-reference

Question 8 d
Marks: 1 What considerations should the BA take into account when completing requirements planning?
Choose one answer.
a. The BA needs to consider his own level of expertise in eliciting requirements as well as stakeholder expectations. b. The BA needs to consider stakeholder expectations, level of commitment from the sponsor and level of expertise of the implementation team. c. The BA needs to consider the rough order of magnitude budget, stakeholder expectations and level of project management expertise. d. The BA needs to consider stakeholder expectations, project risk and organizational standards.

Question 9 a
Marks: 1 After Shilba categorizes the stakeholders into groups such as the executive sponsors, the quality assurance analysts, and the legal representatives, she will be analyzing various presentation formats. The most likely reason she is doing this is
Choose one answer.
  a. To determine a communication plan
b. To assess the stakeholder’s ability to attend the assigned meetings
  c. To determine who the point of contact for each group will be
d. To determine if she has the appropriate number of stakeholders for each category

Question 10 a
Marks: 1 Maintaining requirements source, rationale, related requirements and where requirements interact with interfaces will help with
Choose one answer.
  a. Requirements traceability
  b. Identifying root causes of test failures
  c. Identifying alternate solutions
  d. Structuring the final requirements documentation

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Thanks for that!

I found another “sample testing” – 6 questions.

www.softedassessments.com – look for Sample Assessment menu option


Zoya Roytblat

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Here's some useful info from Huai.

From:    Huai-Ling Ch'ng
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Subject:        RE: sample CBAP exam questions


I came across another source of free questions – there are 10 of them this time though you need to register…. Check out: http://trainingunplugged.mrooms.org/index.php

Remember to shout me a beer when you pass your exams…

Rgds, Huai

From: Huai-Ling Ch'ng
Sent: Monday, 11 August 2008 3:56 PM
Subject: sample CBAP exam questions

I promised this to Liz/Mike/etc…. When preparing for my exam, I only found the following link (without paying $) to 3 measly questions (see attached). If you haven’t seen it already, hopefully this is of some use. Perhaps some of you may have found more?

Rgds, Huai

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