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Teresa,You sound busy, in many good ways!  In answer to your questions:I have 
indeed transcribed hymns in basic keyboard format, on an as-need basis for 
individuals on the MENVI list.  Each file differs in quantity depending on 
whether or not the client wants all the words, just the piano score, or 
whatnot.  None are 'official' but I'd be happy to send you one or two .brf 
files if you're intrigued.I do love piano arrangements of Mark Hayes and 
others, and hope to transcribe piano pieces of this type (or any others!) if 
there is ever a need/desire.Regarding chant: the MENVI list has, in the past, 
discussed braille chant notation quite a bit.  I should harken back to that 
correspondence and peek once again at the list of music that has already been 
done.  I could easily see tackling the basic psalm chants that are sung every 
Sunday.Mostly, I am curious as to what needs to be done in the Catholic braille 
music community, and will be very interested to see what other list members 
have, want, and need.Thank you for introducing yourself, Teresa.Blessings to 
you and your family,Christina in Arizona
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Christina, how wonderful to have a music braillist
on our list!  Have you transcribed much sacred music?  Any files you’d
like to share?

I am also a classical pianist or rather, used
to be.  Raising a family didn’t allow me the time to devote to it so
I found an outlet for my music in the Church.  I am an organist and am directing
an adult choir and a girl’s choir.  I also teach private piano and organ
and have recently found myself trying to teach a man to sing on pitch.  That’s
been a challenge but he’s making progress!  I’ve had a few braille
music students in recent years, too.


I have been very interested in braille chant
notation and find that it hasn’t been codified and there isn’t very
much out there.  Have you ever tackled chant?




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Ave Maria scores and .mp3 are great - thanks!

way of introduction:

am Christina Robertson.  I'm a sighted classical pianist, practicing Roman
Catholic, and certified Braille music transcriber.  Our little church in Chino 
Valley AZ
recently 'graduated' from being a mission into being a parish.

for putting together the dropbox site.


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> Hello All,

> We now have some files in our Dropbox, a lovely 2-part Ave Maria by

> Giffen with braille, print and mp3. More will be forthcoming but since

> is all new it takes time. Your patience is appreciated. A major addition

> to the file collection will be the Simple Choral Gradual by Richard Rice.

> Many parishes are using this now for the Propers and the braille

> transcription is nearly complete. I will be adding it to the Dropbox a

> volume at a time as proofing and corrections are completed. Ash Wednesday

> through the 5th Sunday of Lent will be completed soon. If your choir is

> using this and you need it immediately, let me know.


> Please feel free to introduce yourselves here and tell us a bit about your

> part in music at your parish.


> Teresa




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