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Christina, how wonderful to have a music braillist on our list!  Have you
transcribed much sacred music?  Any files you'd like to share?

I am also a classical pianist or rather, used to be.  Raising a family
didn't allow me the time to devote to it so I found an outlet for my music
in the Church.  I am an organist and am directing an adult choir and a
girl's choir.  I also teach private piano and organ and have recently found
myself trying to teach a man to sing on pitch.  That's been a challenge but
he's making progress!  I've had a few braille music students in recent
years, too.


I have been very interested in braille chant notation and find that it
hasn't been codified and there isn't very much out there.  Have you ever
tackled chant?





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The Ave Maria scores and .mp3 are great - thanks!

By way of introduction:

I am Christina Robertson.  I'm a sighted classical pianist, practicing Roman
Catholic, and certified Braille music transcriber.  Our little church in
Chino Valley AZ recently 'graduated' from being a mission into being a

Thanks for putting together the dropbox site.


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> Hello All,
> We now have some files in our Dropbox, a lovely 2-part Ave Maria by
> Giffen with braille, print and mp3. More will be forthcoming but since
> is all new it takes time. Your patience is appreciated. A major addition
> to the file collection will be the Simple Choral Gradual by Richard Rice.
> Many parishes are using this now for the Propers and the braille
> transcription is nearly complete. I will be adding it to the Dropbox a
> volume at a time as proofing and corrections are completed. Ash Wednesday
> through the 5th Sunday of Lent will be completed soon. If your choir is
> using this and you need it immediately, let me know.
> Please feel free to introduce yourselves here and tell us a bit about your
> part in music at your parish.
> Teresa

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