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I'm glad Noel finally introduced himself.  Noel is the techy one behind this
list and if it weren't for him we wouldn't be able to have it.  


Thanks for that file, Noel.  I have introduced chant to my girl's choir and
needed one of those chants for funerals.  I have recently obtained a braille
file of the In Paradisum in braille Gregorian chant notation and now will be
better able to teach the girls the chant.  

And, by the way, my computer is still working!




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I'm Noel Jones and I help run this group with Teresa.  I'm sighted and very
willing to help in searching and finding music for the group.  I'm really
good and finding music, but then, I have my limitations. For example, I sent
the entire Parish Book of Chant to Teresa as a favor and froze her computer!
That's how I learned about JAWS not liking large files...

I've attached two pages (just two, Teresa) with the square notes for the
basic Requiem Mass chants from the PBC for Teresa.  I hope I don't freeze
her computer.

I have a MAC so I cannot run LIME, but I have found an inexpensive WINDOWS
clone that lets me run a windows midi processing program, so I am going to
try it on LIME.

Noel Jones, AAGO
423 887-7594  . 423 333-0947 cell
Twitter: @noeljonesaago
Frog Music Press
201 CR 432 . Englewood, TN 37329 

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Gregorian Chant
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