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I have no idea why this was resent.  This is actually a message from over two 
years ago.
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The following are events that I'd like some volunteer help with.


1.  Cincinnati State Day.  I'm arranging a Cincinnati State Day at CAS for May 
2 (rain date May 30).  This will be around first quarter Moon, which is always 
a "wow" target for public viewings.   I'm not yet sure how big this might be.  
Cincinnati State's enrollment is around 8,000 and a 10% response would make for 
a crowded party.  Anyway. I'll need some telescope pointers and help with 
various other activities.  I'll know a bit more after my meeting next week with 
the Student Activities Coordinator.  I'll arrange an early April meeting at CAS 
to go over the details.  More on this soon.


2.  IYA/Apollo 11 40th Anniversary.  We're planning a July event to celebrate 
both of 2009's space science highlights.  Again, volunteers will be needed.  
Also, I would like us to put together something of a mini-museum of memorabilia 
and other appropriate articles that any of you can help with.  An early May 
meeting at CAS will be arranged to go over details.


3.  We have been asked by Sue Walpole, outreach educator at Fernald Preserve, 
to participate in BioBlitz on May 15-16.  Here are some details from Sue's 


A BioBlitz has become an effective tool in ascertaining the level of
biodiversity in an area and in exposing members of the general public to
the methods involved in conducting field research. This region is rich
in biodiversity, but it is not well publicized.

While this inventory is going on, we would like to offer other
activities for our visitors.  Stargazing would be perfect for Friday
evening.  I am hoping that you would consider bringing a telescope or
two Friday evening to educate visitors and the scientists leading the


The Department of Energy will probably give this a good amount of PR because 
they'd like to show off this successful reclamation of the Fernald property, 
and we can do ourselves a lot of good by being there.  I will be attending with 
my telescope.  I will also take various presentations if the skies are 
uncooperative.  Anone else who wants to join in, please let me know.




I will also soon be posting a schedule of special presentations at CAS I will 
be offering my astronomy students for the upcoming term.  Members are welcome 
to attend.


Our final Presenter's Workshop is coming up on March 31 at 7 p.m..  If you'd 
still like to be a presenter, but haven't come to the workshops, drop by that 
night to chat with me.  I will be happy to find a way to work with you.


That's all for now,

Terry Endres


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