[cas_announce] Yardwork at the Dark Sky Site this weekend

  • From: "Patrick Freeman" <pfreeman@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <cas_announce@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 23 Jun 2009 21:45:51 -0400

Hi Folks,
The new-moon weekends have been pretty unusable since April, so the field at
the Dark Sky Site has been getting pretty neglected since then.  I've also
gotten a couple of notes from folks who have been there since then that the
grass is about 20 feet high (well, it's pretty high) and that a fallen tree
is partially or totally blocking the road up to the top of the hill.  I'd
also still like to get some of the trees taken down to clear the horizon a
bit more for the 27", but that will have to be done after the grounds are
cleaned up.  Last weekend, although it turned out to be fair, it came after
a long period of heavy rain so the hill was also very soggy and muddy,
according to one other note I got, making it risky to even be up there.
The weather for this week should allow it to dry out a lot.  
SO, my plan is to spend much of this coming Saturday out there attempting to
make some progress on all of these things.   I will probably go Friday
evening and mow for an hour or two until dark as well.  I'm planning to go
regardless of the sky conditions, so long as it isn't supposed to rain. 
AND, if anybody would just LOVE to come on out there and help, I'm
completely sure we have enough work that nobody who shows up will feel left
out.  (hint, hint)  :-)  And if the tree on the driveway really is a big
enough problem, anybody who comes out with a chainsaw will be welcomed with
open arms!  (Unless you're wearing a hockey mask, that is.)
I have to leave by mid or late afternoon Saturday, however, because I have
to be at Caesar Creek for a campers' stargaze on Saturday night and it's at
least a 2 hour drive from the DSS.   It would be fantastic if we could get
the worst of the yardwork taken care of by then.  :-)
-- Pat Freeman
CAS Dark Sky Chairperson
P.S.  for those of you who have emailed and phoned me to keep me posted on
the condition of the grounds at the DSS, thanks, I really appreciate the

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