[cas_announce] Re: CAS Jupiter Night Sat Aug 22nd TBC

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  • Date: Tue, 11 Aug 2009 19:21:13 -0700 (PDT)

So far Steve has offered a meteor program but we're really looking specifically 
for a  Jupiter program.
Terry, thanks for the offer to help our presenters put together a program. This 
is a great chance to try out you new presenter skills or hone your existing.
We'll give it couple of days and see if we can pull this event together.

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Subject: [cas_announce] Re: CAS Jupiter Night Sat Aug 22nd TBC
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This is a chance for any of our presenters to pitch in.  If you want some 
assistance in preparing a presentation, I'll be happy to help.

Terry Endres


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We tentatively have Saturday August 22nd (9-11pm) on the CAS calendar for a 
public event. Valerie was going to be the presenter but she is not going to be 

If you're interested in giving a presentation about Jupiter just let me know. 
It would be our usual format of a short presentation followed by time for Q&A 
and viewing.
We would also need our usual cadre of scope operators, membership table and 
other volunteers.

We still have time to get it advertised in print if you can let me know soon.
TV and radio PR would be done just prior s that's not a concern.


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