[cas_announce] CAS Event: Rocks fromSpace! Saturday August 6th 7 to 10pm

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Just a reminder of our next upcoming public & member program.

Free for members.
Pass the word to friends, family and colleagues.

Hope to see you there,


The Cincinnati Astronomical Society hosts Rocks From Space

 any clear night you might see a handful of “shooting stars” streaking 
across the night sky. Long ago people thought the stars were actually 
falling from the sky. Now we know these brief streaks in the night sky, 
called meteors, are tiny bits of solar system debris most of it smaller 
than a pea. Entering the Earth’s thin upper atmosphere, at speeds up to 
150,000 miles an hour, heat from friction completely vaporizes the 

But occasionally something bigger targets the Earth. 
Not the light-weight fluff we call shooting stars - these rocks from 
space are big enough and dense enough to survive their fiery trip. 
Meteor Crater in northern Arizona is the breath-taking result of a 
collision between a 150 foot meteor traveling at 26,000 miles per hour 
and planet Earth. The explosion rocked the American Southwest 50,000 
years ago and created a crater nearly one mile across and more than 550 
feet deep.

Join the Cincinnati Astronomical Society Saturday August 6th from 7 to 10pm for 
a family program on Rocks From Space!

• Get up close to spectacular Rocks from Space! 
• Learn what meteorites are made of.
• Hold in your hands rocks older than our Solar System!
• Does Ohio have its own Meteor Crater?
• If there are meteor showers can there be a meteor storm?
• Can you hear meteors coming?
• Find out how best and where to view meteor showers.
• Did you know you can collect “rocks from space” at home?
• View through the Society’s big telescopes! (weather permitting)

 member John “Space Rock” Ventre is an expert on space rocks and will be
 bringing his amazing collection of meteorites for you to explore.

 100 years the Cincinnati Astronomical Society’s core mission has been 
education and with its new headquarters is offering a wide variety of 
programs for school groups, scouts, adults and club members.

The Cincinnati Astronomical Society
5274 Zion Rd. Cleves, OH 45002
(near the Mitchell Memorial Forest)

Admission: $3 adults, Under 12 free.
No reservations required

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