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  • Date: Fri, 17 Jun 2005 20:27:47 +0200

Santiago Zapata wrote:

Kornel Kisielewicz wrote:
Yup. My first roguelike was started when I was 12 :-/, and it DID have the name GenRogue on it. But it wasn't until I was 14 that I had something semi-playable -- it was written in Turbo Pascal 5.5,

My first game was a shooter... I did two versions of it, one when I was 14 and another when I was 15; both can be found at http://peltkore.net/~szdev under the Qbasic games section... care to give them a shoot?

I'll see them after my exams ;-). I also made a shooter I called X-Wing... in ASCII :-D. Also, a few years ago I did a graphical unfinished shooter in SDL. The graphics were quite nice.

then :-P Silly me...). And _plot_... I would even show it to you guys, but unfortunately it's in Polish (that was my first and last polish roguelike project ;-) ).

The closest thing I had to a roguelike, now that I remember it, was made when I was 14 too; however it was just an '@' moving in an ASCII world picking up things and doing rudimmentary combat... it was called 'Yep'.

Yep ;-).

The weird thing is that it uses some symbols commonly used in roguelikes, and I didnt even know the genre yet when I made it... I have now posted two versions of it in my website...

I was fascinated by FAngband, so most of my first attempts had Angband-like charsets.

Hey, you must post 'Amber' too, language is not a barrier for RL players ;)

Well, I may :-). It was available on the polish version of the old GenRogue site, along with a few other GenRogue-failures.

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