[camera oscura] Fw: [pure-silver] Oil/Solvent Immersion Enlarging

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dal gruppo gemello in lingua inglese

io avevo provato il liquido Edwal No Scratch con risultati buoni ma era alquanto macchinoso nell'uso (richiedeva mascherine al posto dei vetri, poi occorreva ripulire il negativo, insomma un po' troppo complesso)

nessuno di voi ha esperienze in proposito?

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Recently I've experimented with scanning wet-mounted 35mm negatives to a glass plate using Kami fluid and mylar. This produced sharper scans with less grain and dust spots than 'dry' scanning, and I'm considering trying a similar technique with my enlarger. I know that there have been oil immersion carriers made for some enlargers, and so someone must have some experience with this. Has anyone here done this? What were your results? Since Kami fluid is a solvent which is meant to evaporate fairly quickly, I expect that using it near a 250 watt halogen bulb might not be a good idea. Does anyone have a suggestion for a good alternate fluid? Would mineral oil work?

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