[cambsmc] Re: Break in DGs hangar

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Hi Mike
I had a quick look to see if there was any damage or interference with the machines and it appears not.
Cannot tell if personal items have gone. Going to have a better look in the daylight tomorrow. Is there anything of yours you would like me to check on ?

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Hi Pete, anything obvious gone? I won't be able to get down until sunday to check mine.


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Yes we have been fairly open in the past but times are changing, I gather engine thefts have kicked off again recently ☹️☹️

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Hi Members
The following might suggest we keep the mailing list to CMC ,embers
There has been what looks like a break-in of the second hangar by tearing off a corner sheet of the door which left just enough room for a small person to crawl through. Also an attempt to get in the workshop and hangar. Does not look like
a future engine thief but an opportunist looking for anything portable and valuable. I am working out the best way to alert those with storage without at this point telling the whole world
Pete, R

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