<CT> stability of Windoze, WinME suggestions.

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  • Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2000 08:14:38 EST

Recently, some posts have been about the stability of Windows, whether version 
3.x, 9x, or 2k, ME.

Well, my experience has been that 3.x+Calmira likes to burp about twice every 
48 hours, whether its being used or just idling with a screensaver running.  
Still trying to track down the bug there......

Windows 95a has very similar problems, I maxed out at 3 days of continuous use 
(surfing the net, downloading like mad, and multiplayer fragfests!!!)

Yet, my Windows 98 SE machine is UNSTOPPABLE!!!! I have had it run for over a 
month steady with no reboot!  Sure, I still got the occasional error from my 
programs,  but nothing actually serious.  I seem to go in and out of being a 
true "power user"...  I have a few bots on my 98 machine, so as long as it has 
power, it is working for me.  :)

My experience with NT.... no, I don't mean 2k, I mean 4.0.  THis machine at 
school is running it, and at least twice a day it fouls up HARDCORE.  As in, 
total system lockup.  It has an ATX style power supply (the one that is 
software controlled), and will NOT allow you to turn it off when it locks up.  
Soooooooo, I have to unplug it.  Pain in the arse.....

Windows ME has had a LOT of people complaining about it in my area.  As of the 
time if this post, I have had NO experience with it whatsoever.  Never even 
seen a Windows ME desktop.  I do know this, in my local paper, they actually 
started a subcolumn specifically for Windows ME problems.  It's under its own 
heading, next to PC Support.  That tells me that it still has a lot of bugs.  
People, don't you remember we are talking about Microsoft?  In another 2 years, 
Windows ME should have most major bugs worked out, with some new ones, but 
should then have most problems worked out, or have work arounds.  Same thing 
with Windows 2k.

Here's an old idea brought forth again...
How's about Calmira DOS??  We could revamp it... make a runtime patch for 
Windows ME to inable DOS mode, but since it is a runtime, it doesn't actually 
change your critial system files....  If nothing else, a DOS runtime inabler is 
in order.  I know there are patches out there, but they actually do void your 
Microsoft warrenties.  Read the fine print, do a search on the M$ site, you'll 
find it.  The same way that Calmira allows a DOS program to make Windows shut 
down, then start the DOS app.....  It should be that simple, right?  Has anyone 
tried running Calmira on WinME as the default shell?  Has anyone done that, but 
tried to exit to DOS mode and run a program using that specific option?

Interesting reading, nonetheless...

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