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  URL  = "http://calmirazone.8m.com/";
  Title = "My Free Web Site on Freeservers.com"
  Snippet = "You have not completed your site yet. Click here to access
your site building tools. (Forgot your password? Click here.). Need Help?
...  "
  URL  = "http://www.calmira.de/";
  Title = "Calmira Online!"
  Snippet = "Calmira Online! Welcome to Calmira Online! Calmira is a
complete 16-bit shell that lets you manage files, launch applications and
control tasks. ...  "
  URL  = "http://www.calmira.de/downloads/";
  Title = "Calmira Downloads"
  Snippet = "Calmira English language versions. Calmira II 3.31 Update.
... Calmira 3.3 must be installed before installing this update. Calmira
II 3.3 Release. ...  "
  URL  = "http://www.skinbase.org/section.php?sections=calmira";
  Title = "Calmira Skins"
  Snippet = "Calmira Skins. Cars @ BaseHead, Calmira Skins. DEW WebRing,
Calmira Skins. Wallpapers, Skins, Desktop Themes, Calmira Skins. Support
...  "
  URL  = "http://members.tripod.com/~calmira_support/";
  Title = "Welcome to 386.Technology- The Calmira Support Page"
  Snippet = " ... About Calmira- dont know Calmira? Click here to know
about this amazing software. Tips for your Calmira- Learn new &amp; cool
techniques for your Calmira. ...  "
  URL  = "http://ww1.iwarp.com/";
  Title = "iWarp Home"
  Snippet = "Welcome to iWarp! The actual Calmira program isn&#39;t the
only thing Calmira users can work together on. For the first time in
Calmira ...  "
  URL  = "http://www.vintageos.com/calmira/";
  Title = "Vintage OS: Calmira"
was originally developed by Li-Hsin Huang under the name of Calypso.
Nowadays ...  "
  URL  = "http://www.d.burgess.clara.net/calmira.htm";
  Title = "David&#39;s Corner - Calmira Main Page"
  Snippet = "NAVIGATION: David&#39;s Corner &gt; Calmira CALMIRA. ...
Calmira is completely free. The program is written in Delphi 1, and full
source code is provided. ...  "
  URL  = "http://www.calunity.net.ms/";
  Title = "Calmira Community"
  Snippet = "&quot;); // Calmira Community This is the cummunity of the
open source project Calmra. cy)dots - [ cydots.com ]P. "
  URL  = "http://www.googlism.com/what_is/c/calmira/";
  Title = "Googlism what is calmira"
  Snippet = " ... Love potions and V ... calmira. calmira is a
replacement shell/program manager/file manager for windows 3 calmira is
another free ...  "
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