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  • Date: Thu, 9 May 2002 09:45:31 -0500 (EST)

Thank you Glenn

you wrote (Digest V3 #74):

>Ummm, not so!  Last I heard from MS, they would still "vigorously protect
>their copyright protections" of ALL prior released operating systems,=20

>MS DOS 1 thru 6.22, Windows 1 thru 3X and on.  While some sites did
>offer Win3X and MS DOS versions for download, I think most if not all have
>been shut-down, or they are not very well publicised.  But, it would be=
>of a nice "humantitarian gesture" on the part of MS to allow the free=20
>of older operating systems...hehe, they don't offer support for them=

>See you later!

This is what MS "tell us", but I am not quite certain about "all" their=
rights, and I don=B4t expect any "humanitarian gesture" from them.

Even if MS doesn=B4t feel so, abandonware is what it means, and if they want=
start a discussion, it=B4s up to them, I=B4ll not start this argument, and I=
keep on using "freely" (?) all "old" and not supported software in our local=
Recycling Project, just in order to get "people=B4s better acquaintance"=
these tools, until better alternatives are found.=20

I was expecting to hear some kind of comments about this (such as yours), as=
I would be really glad to have a complete library of FREE files (exe, com,=
etc.)to replace a Win 3.11 GUI. This could be an "extra" project for=
starting with some basic files, and build up a "new alternative".

DR-DOS is not Free, but it has a "generous" License Policy, and it runs Win=
much better than MS-DOS. FreeDOS is still a "project". It will sure be
growing as
DOS is still a "standard". Why couldn=B4t be there further development for
that may result in a W9x Desktop as an FULL FREE GUI for all DOSes ?

There might be many answers to all this, but I believe that somebody said...

The Questions, that is what really matters !

Thank you for your comments.


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