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  • From: "Carl Hender" <carl@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2003 16:43:13 +0100


I have been given an old laptop and been having "fun" getting to grips with
Win3.1 again.
First things done were clean the hard drive up, update to 3.11, get a serial
mouse sorted for it and... what's this I see but a nice program called
Calmira, thankyou!
I am an old Atari ST/Falcon fan and used to use a nice OS and GUI while all
the PC people were messing about with DOS about 10-15 years ago. AFAIK this
laptop cost about £1200 when new 10ish years ago, is a 486SX 33MHz has a b+w
LCD screen, 256meg hard drive, no CDROM and probably only 4mb of RAM.
Pitiful really

Bye, Carl

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