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> Date: Mon, 24 Jun 2002 03:37:18 -0700 (PDT)
> From: david creber <d_creber@xxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: <CT> Mask 98 with calmira
> I have recently started using mask98 with calmira, and
> although i like it, i would like to know how to get
> rid of the new desktop background it creates. My
> original desktop is underneath (i can see it on
> startup, but i can't work out how to disable the
> Mask98 one. Anyone know?

I am not familiar with Mask98???  So I don't know how
to help you with this one...I suspect it must be some
setting in an INI file though.

> The other thing i am having problems is the my
> computer windows in 'details' view. Whenever i open a
> window set to 'details', it opens with only about 1 cm
> of 'window' spcae. I then have to enlarge it to see
> all my files. is there a way of setting calmira to
> open windows to fit the number of files shown (or a
> way of fixing the window size at something bigger)?

This one I can help with!  Look in the file CALMIRA.INI,
open it in Notepad or other text editor.  Down some 1/4 to
13 the way is a setting header labeled [Explorer] in brackets.
This is where you can customize your desktop area...I normally
set Left=-1 ("minus one") to place the start of the screen as
far left as possible.  The next setting is Top=-1 to start at
the very top.  The important ones are Width and Height...My
monitor only supports up to 640x480 so I have Width=482 and
Height=642....I added a couple of extra pixels just in case, hehe...this 
opens Explorer windows "full screen" more or less.
that should give you an idea.  Other places to check will be
the width of the colums for File Size, etc. in the [File System] 
section...there is one for the number of colunms
called FilePaneCols, I prefer "5"...you can fine tune these
settings by using the mouse cursor and dragging the column seperator bars in 
the Explorer top border.  Then just make sure
your settings are set to save Explorer settings, this is in
the Start Menu, Settings, System (I think is where it is still)
See you later!
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