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  • From: "MOY, WILLIAM" <BMOY@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 3 May 2004 13:10:06 -0400

Well, well, well,

Could it be that Microsoft is actually giving away Windows95a (or =
Windows95 OEM Service Release 1?)

I have been working with my 14 floppy disk set of Windows95 (1 boot =
disk, 13 program disks.)  Websites reveal that I have the original =
version which is neither version "a", "b", or "c".  In searching =
information about "a" or OEM Service Release 1 (OSR1) I ran across this =
that upgrades the original to "a" status.  Within this page there is =
also a link=20
that allows a free Microsoft download of "Service Pack 1 Complete Disk =
Set", which is a 14 disk set.  If my assumptions are correct, I suspect =
this is the 13 program disks with the OSR1 update disk.  Logical, no?  =
(..and of course, no boot disk as in the original.)

I've downloaded my copy, but *haven't* inspected them or tried an =
install.  One way to tell if files came from the original is to match =
the date/time stamp, which should be "7/11/95 9:50 AM".

So if you ever wanted the floppy disk version, here it is from the =
OEM!!!  FREE!!!  AT LAST!!!  Sometimes using the floppy version is the =
only way to go with older laptops.
(But please don't flame me if this info is wrong.)

Incidentally, the floppy version installs fine and perhaps better if you =
copy all disks contents onto a folder on your hard disk or Zip disk.  =
Searching information re "SETUPPP.INF" will allow you to modify =
installation without IE or other bloat.  This version probably does not =
have IE like version 1.  Also search for Setup switches, especially the =
undocumented /IW (must be used with caps.)  This allows an install =
without a registration key.

The download site is rather slow, even with a fast connection.  =
Sometimes service temporarily disconnected.  I tried again and =
eventually got thru.

I am not sure if I mentioned this bit of achievement to the list before, =
but I was successful in honing down a bootable 2 floppy version, =
actually less than 2.88Mb, of running W95v1 from floppies, with registry =
and desktop, and, of course long filename support!

hoo-Hoo!!  Fun, fun fun with Windows95OSR1!!! =20


If this indeed is a full copy of Win95a freely distributed by Microsoft, =
does anyone know if this action allows the public to share openly?
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