<CT> Windows311 Errormessage

  • From: alfred.pichler@xxxxxxxxxxxx
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  • Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2000 13:07:33 +0100

there are a lot of people (for example Worker in my Faqctory), they have
only a little money. They buy old Computer und I try to update this
Computer with Calmira. Now they have the same User Interface then  the
Factorycomputer and they are happy now. Because they do only a little
Thing with it. Write a Letter, play a Game and look into the Internet.
But the Key for Akzeptence is Calmira. The Computer has to look like
modern Windows 9x.
So thanks for Calmira in the Name of this People.

But, perhaps someone can help me. Often I got the Errormessage ( German
Version )
Falsche Systemversion. Installieren Sie Windows erneut.
( wrong Systemversion, install windows new )
What modul is the reason for it ?

sorry for my bad english, but my school is 40 years ago.

works committee at Infineon Munich

Please answer also to

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